February 23


Why It’s Time To Ditch The Phone Before Bed



If you’ve ever been out all night at a fun party, you may have noticed that you’re in for some of the worst sleep ever the next day. What’s worse is that contact with screens before bed can help prevent hours of deep sleep and leave us exhausted and groggy all day long. Which is why we came up with this post about why it’s time to ditch the phone before bed. If you’re serious about getting a solid night of restful sleep and waking up to a supercharged morning, then here are some tips for reducing your contact with screens before bed.

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Switch off your phone or set it to airplane mode


We know it’s tempting to check your phone for the latest news or respond to emails before bed, but you should totally resist that urge. It’s especially important if you’re on your phone late at night. Instead, take advantage of airplane mode and enjoy some quiet time after the party is over before bedtime!


Switch off your TV, computer and other electronics


The blue light emitted by these screens emit a great deal of sleep-disrupting photons that increase alertness, reduce deep sleep and decrease REM sleep. It’s no wonder why many individuals feel more alert after they’ve turned their electronics off and are able to relax. Don’t use your device when you don’t have to. Obviously it isn’t possible to screen out all the light coming into our eyes, but we should try our best to steer clear of those screens before bed.

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Download f.lux and use it at night


F.lux is a small program for your computer that simulates sunlight in the evening, reducing the amount of blue light you’re exposed to when you’re on your computer late at night. If you don’t have a computer, there are smartphone apps called Redshift and Night Shift that do a similar job of changing your phone’s color temperature after sunset, making it easier to fall asleep!


Get an f.lux compatible light bulb for your home. Imagine having a device that can automatically dim the lights in your home based on the time of day! Using bulbs like these after sunset will kickstart your body’s melatonin production to make it easier to fall asleep at night and avoid waking up during the night due to bright lights.

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Go outside and walk around at night


We all have been conditioned to think that being out in the dark is bad for our eyes, but in reality, it’s the opposite of what we should be doing. Natural sunlight has a much lower amount of blue light than artificial light does so it’s good for our eyes and for getting restful sleep. Wear polarized sunglasses outdoors at night. A clean mattress is one of the important things for quality sleep so clean stains from your mattress.


Don’t stay up late every night


It’s one thing to go out once or twice a week and have fun, but you should be trying your best to fully enjoy life when you’re awake rather than constantly relying on screens to steal your restful sleep! If you must use your device one last time before bed, keep your screen brightness as low as you can.

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As much as possible, avoid sleeping with the lights on


This is a tough one because we usually want the extra light while we’re trying to fall asleep. Keep in mind that having a well-lit room at night can make it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.


Don’t sleep with your devices next to you


We know that phones in particular get dangerously hot after being used for a long time, so it’s best not to sleep with them under your pillow for too long at all!


Put your phone away after using it to send a text

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Don’t be like the many people who are constantly on their phones, sending and receiving messages of all kinds after they’re supposed to be sleeping! If you need to send a text, then go ahead and do it, but try your best to put your phone away after that. Use blue-blocking glasses before bed. See this post for more info about these special glasses, which can drastically reduce blue light in the evening.


Blue light is harmful to your eyes



The blue light that is emitted by the screen of your phone impedes Melatonin’s release of the hormone that regulates the cycle of sleep and wake (aka circadian rhythm). This makes it harder to fall asleep and awake the next day. It is believed that the period of time known as the circadian is thought to be particularly susceptible to blue light because it is a wavelength that is short. Studies have also shown how exposure to blue lights could cause damage to the retinas.

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It increases alertness in the evening.


You just got an incredibly worded email or read a Facebook post that you weren’t happy with. It’s harder to rest and fall asleep when you’re fired up. Even if you don’t have any disturbing material, trying to keep your brain active with your smartphone could make your brain think that it’s important to be awake.


Reduces the amount of REM sleep.


If you are able to make it work, put your mobile in “do not disturb” mode or on silent before you go to bed. Although you might not be using it at night, text notifications, game notifications, or emails may disturb your peaceful sleep. Also flip the mattress in every 4 – 6 months for better sleep

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If you’ve spent the extra time in bed studying emails and not sleeping you’ll be less active and tired for the coming day. Who wants to feel less alert and less alert during the course of the day? Apart from the fact that scrolling at night may make you less efficient as well, it can result in a major and persistent deficiency in sleep.

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