November 16


Why Finlock Concrete Gutter Lining is The Best Repair Method

Concrete gutters or Finlock gutters have proven to be quite problematic for homeowners. The gutters were originally built between 1950s-1970s and were used as an alternative material to the metal shortages in the war. The gutters were once a reliable solution, but they have proven that they cannot stand the test of time and now have several issues associated with them.

For example, they can cause sagging if water isn’t drained away correctly. If they were not filled in correctly, they can cause damage to your windows, making them a lot harder to open and close. Additionally, the breakdown of Finlock gutters can affect how well your home insulates, as well as its energy consumption. This can be particularly problematic in the winter months.

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The main issue with Finlock gutters is that they are porous and can allow water to seep through. This can cause a lot of issues such as puddling, damp and mould growth, and sometimes even the collapse of the gutters. Due to the issues with concrete gutters, a lot of people seek concrete gutter repairs. This can be costly and a lot of the time, the issues return.

Finlock Gutter Lining

The best solution to consistent repairs and their associated cost is to opt for Finlock gutter lining. Because concrete gutters break down around 30 years after installation, repairs are sometimes not worthwhile and can result in the issues returning. However, Finlock gutter lining is a fantastic alternative repair that can stop the problems quickly. Finlock gutter lining essentially makes your gutters waterproof. Finlock gutter lining offers excellent coverage with a fully waterproof material tailored to your property. This can provide a shorter-term, less invasive, and more economical solution to your gutter problems.

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A concrete gutter replacement is also a good idea, but it can be incredibly costly. Therefore, if you are considering a concrete gutter replacement but are worried about the cost, perhaps you should consider a concrete gutter repair in the short term. A lot of issues associated with Finlock gutters are water-related, therefore, getting concrete gutter lining installed as an alternative can provide a fantastic short-term solution while you continue to save up for your gutter replacement.

Alternatively, if you are happy with your concrete gutters and are looking to maintain the longevity of their life, Finlock gutter lining can also be a fantastic solution on its own.

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The process of installing concrete gutter lining is relatively low effort and can be completed swiftly and for a reasonable price from your local concrete gutter specialist. The method is detailed below.

·         Experts will arrive at your property and begin assessing the current guttering

·         Remove existing debris in the gutter

·         Taking away any old & redundant gutter lining

·         Installing the new concrete gutter lining

·         Fitting an EPS system along with using water and weatherproof tape to ensure that the gutters are watertight. As you can see, concrete gutter repair can be a fantastic alternative to gutter replacements and an excellent option for saving money.

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