February 24


Why Does Writing Skills Matter to Students?

You all have been writing since the moment you held a pencil in your hands, whether it was in a form of toddler scribbling or writing alphabets as an inception of learning how to express, writing has always come in! To judge someone’s thinking and learning ability, intellect and ideas, writing becomes a primary source. Especially in the current times, writing has become an inseparable part of communication. Appropriate writing skill allows you to communicate through a message that has clarity and it definitely is more impactful because it reaches a wider audience at a time and delivers the information in a better way as compared to a telephonic or even face to face communication.

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There are various skills taught to an individual not only for the purpose of giving a better vision to climb up the ladder of academics but also to confront real life problems. Undeniably, one of the most significant skills that every student learns is how to write. The reason being that good writing skills do matter and leave a considerable impact!

Writing skills not only help achieve students success in academics but also in other important aspects of life. It is important to comprehend as to why writing skills are becoming increasingly important with time and what is its role in day to day lives. Communication is the very first act that even a newborn does. Undoubtedly, writing happens to be an important part in communication. You might have to make a report, prepare a CV or a resume, communicate ideas, make notes or write an application, writing skills become overly important.

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Writing skills improve communication. Without it, first impressions are poorly created as any kind of grammatical error, spelling mistake or nonsensical formation of sentence can instantly create a negative image. For instance, if there happens to be a spelling error in a commercial website, this single wrong orientation of words has the ability to cause damage to the number of potential customers as it puts them in skepticism with regards to the credibility of the organization.

Proper punctuation, grammar and spellings are the key to writing skills. The reader forms an opinion of the writer based on the presentation and content of a write up. Appropriate writing skills are essential because it can open doors for opportunity and success. It gives a spark to imaginative skills and creativity of a person. Writing is that important aspect that activates certain areas of the brain where creativity originated from. The more you practice writing, the more your brain becomes enhanced. Writing is something that is crucial to academic success, increases confidence levels and widens the base of knowledge.

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Teachers and parents can encourage students to strive for better writing skills owing to the wide range of opportunities that come along with writing. Teaching of narrative writing, sentence construction and encouraging students to write meaningful write ups can transform the world. Teachers often use the feature of live video call to inculcate in their students writing skills, to recognize progress in student work. This is transforming the kids to transform into responsible citizens making positive moves to greatly influence the situations which are to come. Teachers also use various other options like video conferencing API.

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