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Which Microsoft Version To Choose – Office 2019 Or Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office Suite is a great productivity app, which has been around for decades and is keeping pace with evolving business needs. The majority of organizations trust Office to get their projects handles smoothly even with many MS Office alternatives available. However, two types of Office – Office 2019 & Office 365 offer access to desktop apps everyone is familiar with but some aspects set them apart. Starters need to identify the one that will prove productive for their business projects. You can learn about their pros and cons on and then determine the suitable one for your needs

Similarities and dissimilarities between Office 2019 and Microsoft 365

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Both suites come with OneDrive access, Microsoft’s cloud service. However, Office 2019 does not include OneDrive storage space. Thus access to online version apps like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word is impossible but you can use mobile apps for Android and iOS to edit files manually transfer documents between devices. 

Alternatively, Microsoft 365 includes free storage of 1 TB, which helps to edit every file online. Office 2019 includes essentials like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Skype, OneNote, and Access. Microsoft 365 features every Microsoft app including the new one’s Editor, MS Teams, and Money. 


For desktop use, both versions perform the same. However, as you move forward Microsoft 365 users will receive the automatic update, while Office 2019 will not. The most crucial aspect while determining between Office 2019 and Microsoft 365 is your current operating system. 

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Microsoft 365 is compatible with Windows 7 operating system, while the latest Office 2019 runs only in Windows 10 and current versions for macOS. Businesses can stay updated with Microsoft 365 as its suite is associated with cloud technology. It even features security updates and automatic bug fixes. Microsoft even alerts security updates for the users of Office 2019 but the patches need manual installation. 


Office 2019 support is extended up to 2025 and after that, there will be no security fixes released. To Office 2019 limited technical support is offered like for installing and not for troubleshooting. 

As Microsoft 365 is a subscription app, it offers 24/7 email support. The majority of Microsoft’s online documents are about Microsoft 365 and not Office 2019. Office 2019 users can experience an issue in the future when new features get released and platforms deviate. 

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Pricing plans

Businesses can choose from several licensing packages for Microsoft 365. Basic plan = $5 per user every month but will not include the desktop versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. For these, you will require the standard plan = $12.50 per user every month. Premium plan = $20 per user every month and even includes Azure Information Protection [advanced cyber security]. The annual cost of an Individual license = $69.99 

Office 2019 for Home & Business edition = $249.99 and for professional edition = $439.99 per year. Both editions are compatible with desktop versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. However, the Professional edition adds Microsoft Publisher and Access. Remember, Office 2019 can be installed on one computer only. 

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Identify your needs and make a purchase decision. For modern workplace switch to Microsoft 365 and download it from Get Into Pc website for Free! It helps to gain more productivity with the latest tool access. 

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