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What is the most effective method of behavior modification?

Behavior modification therapy

A little kid starts developing manners and behaviours from an early age. His social circle includes his parents in his early years. Moreover, a child has relatives in the circle and he starts learning behaviours by following them. As the child grows his social circle increases as well, that includes teachers and friends. The increased social circle and surrounding people unconsciously encourage and discourage certain actions that lead towards developing a particular behaviour pattern.

An adult is responsible for the behaviours of his children. Therefore, he has to recognize his kid’s habits and modify them to acceptable behaviours. Many adults are gifted with a strategic mind and they know how to alter the behaviours of children. However, other parents lack such qualities that result in frustration and anxiety. Therefore, parents should understand Behaviour Modification Therapy and its advantages for the kids.

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What is Behaviour Modification Therapy?

A Practice that changes destructive habits and behaviours into desired and acceptable actions through punishments and rewards.  People also call it Behaviour therapy, which means human activity in such a way if positive consequences and rewards are there. However, a slight change in the environment might lead the situation for punishments encouraging us to improve the behaviour. The approach requires diving into human behaviour nature and modifying it.

Expert psychologists indicate that behaviour therapy was implemented on animals in the mid-1800s. A significant change was observed in the animal’s behaviour. Animals responded as instructed when they were rewarded with delicious food. The behaviour modification approach was not appreciated until the 1900s. After the hard work of qualified therapists, it was accepted as a psychological treatment in 1960. Several health problems were treated using behaviour modification strategies. 

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Advantages of Behaviour Modification Therapy

The smallest alteration in the behaviour brings a significant change in our lives. Below are the advantages of behaviour modification strategies.

  • Plays a key role in overcoming multiple mental health issues such as Stress, anxiety, substance abuse etc. It enables people to boast their confidence and improve the standard of living
  • It helps in improving physical and emotional health by helping others solve problems, which include chronic pains depression and eating disorders as well.
  • Helping individuals by giving those necessary tools to cope up with problematic behaviours improves their growth. It helps them to learn coping strategies to deal with challenges in life.
  • Motivates an employee to perform with his full potential.
  • These techniques are simple and easy to learn 
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Techniques for behaviour modification

The experts have been working hard to develop techniques for the modification of behaviour to treat real-life problems. Below are some effective methods for improvement in behaviours, which are designed after the in-depth study of human behaviour nature.

Positive Reinforcement 

The technique of rewarding children because of their desired behaviour. Receiving a gift is a good gesture and brings happiness and motivation. Therefore, it is an effective method for shaping the behaviours of children. Parents can also surprise their children with little rewards to avoid boredom. Associate the reward with your children’s favourite food, an extra half hour for screen or playtime etc.

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Giving 1 hour extra for watching cartoons if your baby boy completes his homework on time

Negative Reinforcement 

A method in which children try to avoid certain behaviours so they do not get punishment from teachers or parents 


  • Your son gets up early in the morning so he don’t have to clean the whole room

Positive Punishment 

A positive consequence for your children is if he does not obey. The parents punish their kids in a positive way. Therefore, if your kid acts in a non-acceptable way, you can punish him.


  • If your son gets bad grades in the exams, ask him to study for an extra 1 hour a day and reduce his screen time
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Negative Punishment 

In negative punishment, parents take away something from children in response to their undesired behaviours. Like taking away mobile phones for not doing homework on time or coming late at night.

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