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What Is Global Warming And What Are The Long term Effects?

1. Global Warming 101   

Global Warming 101 looks at the global impact of climatic change on the environment and the impact it can have on human life. Texas has seen both drought and flood, as well as major tropical storm damage along its Gulf Coast.  Images of the ice melting in the Arctic are shown as people struggle to cope with climatic changes. Images of the ice melting in Alaska’s Arctic region illustrate the severe impact this change is having on the region. These images show just the catastrophic effects of global warming has on the world we live in.

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The buildup of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is thought to have contributed to the increase in atmospheric temperatures. A series of dramatic graphics show just how dramatically humans have affected the earth because of their actions. From the devastation of the ice in Alaska’s Arctic region to rising water levels in China and India, global warming has been changing the world we live in.

Global warming can be avoided if people hurry to limit its effects. In fact, many cities around the world have already taken steps to protect the planet from global warming. New York City has a program that has been running for several years that allows people to help save the city’s plants and trees. Programs like these give people an opportunity to do something good for the world while still experiencing a sense of accomplishment at the same time. Other cities like Houston in Texas are taking similar measures.  One overlooked way to make small changes is to review your utility bill, and make better choices as to what rate and plan you are on.  There are often savings to be had by making more informed choices.

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Global warming is one of the biggest threats faced by the earth’s ecosystems. A drastic reduction in Earth’s temperature could spell disaster for human civilizations. The melting of the ice sheets that cover the Polar Regions could raise sea levels and threaten coastal areas around the world. The melting of coral reefs could threaten food supply, the source of livelihood for millions of people.

 2. Long term Effects Of Global Warming   

How do you feel about the long-term effects of global warming? Do you agree, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”? Well, I think you should. In fact, I think that you owe it to all of humanity (and all life on Earth) to take immediate action to mitigate climate change, and the resulting consequences thereof. For, while we can continue to ignore the problem, we stand to lose much more in the future if we don’t.

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One of the most immediate and disturbing effects of global warming is the increase in extreme weather events. Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity around the globe, and the culprits are increasing pollutants released from industrialized nations, such as coal-fired power plants, automobile exhaust, and agricultural runoff. These pollutants go into the atmosphere, where they accumulate until they start affecting the earth’s climate and weather patterns. As this happens, droughts and floods become more frequent, extreme weather events increase in intensity, and human-made environmental challenges are made much more difficult.

Now, there is good news. The research that has been done into global warming, and into the possible solutions to the problem, has led to some promising new possibilities for the preservation of the planet and its ecosystems. One emerging idea is focused on how human activities can be monitored and controlled to reduce global warming’s harmful effects.

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This emerging idea basically has to do with regulating greenhouse gas emissions. The concept is this: if human activities continue to pollute the environment, we will damage our habitat so badly that our species will eventually die off. While this might not be a certainty shortly, it is a reasonable guess, and it should be something all of us should try to protect the planet from. Of course, the primary goal of any type of environmental policy should always be to preserve the earth for our descendants in the future. However, if we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by industrial processes, or to limit the amount of pollution produced by human activities, then we will have preserved an essential part of the ecological balance. You can do your part by conserving energy and effectively saving money on your Centerpoint energy bills.


In order to understand how this works, it is important to briefly think about the way that the Earth works. Global warming’s most harmful effects occur when human activities are the dominant force in nature. This is because greenhouse gases, which are produced when humans burn fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, are emitted into the atmosphere as a result of all of the world’s industrial activity. To prevent further climate change, it is necessary to reduce the amounts of these gases that enter the atmosphere. This is often difficult to do, since the main way we know of to do this is to invest in low-carbon energy sources, such as solar power and wind energy. Another solution offered by researchers studying the global warming effect is to make changes to our vehicle engines.

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While the above solutions offer a temporary, quick-fix solution to the problem of global warming, there are some more permanent solutions as well. One thing that has been proposed is geoengineering, which involves changing the earth’s orbit to prevent severe weather patterns and to regulate the earth’s temperature. Another is the construction of a space station in orbit around the Earth. Whatever method is chosen, the long term goal is to preserve the integrity of the ecosystem that supports life on earth, and to make the Earth a better place for future generations.

 3. How To Fight Global Warming 

If you have an interest in how to fight global warming and the environment, you might have thinking that you would be better off becoming a “keeper” of the environment. A “keeper” of the environment generally means someone who has a lot of scientific knowledge of climate change. Someone who is willing to study this subject from all sides. Someone who is not afraid to look at the possibility that climate change might be a real problem for us humans in the future. You might think that these are things only scientists are able to think about. If so, perhaps you should think again.

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There are many areas in the United States that have been severely affected by climate change. Public-private partnerships with companies like Centerpoint Energy can be important pieces of this puzzle.  Places such as Florida have become a permanent part of American life with its rainy seasons and unbearable humidity. Areas around the Southern states have seen record rainfall amounts, and certain parts of the West coast have seen record heat waves already. There have also been many extreme weather events all over the world, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding.

A good example of how to fight global warming is a group of students that formed a committee called, “Colder Than the Winter.” This committee met during the Augustau Community College Extension Weekend. The group hoped to create awareness of how climate change has affected students in their own community. At the end of the extension weekend, they had come up with a list of issues regarding global warming, and they were hoping to form a committee to address these issues in Augustau.

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Students learned that when it came to global warming, there were two main issues that they wanted to address. These two issues were pollution and global cooling. They realized that if they were going to make any change, they needed to get the public’s attention. In the summer months when it is warm, they realized that they could raise awareness about the negative effects of global warming in the summer, as well as in the winter.

They also realized that they needed a way to make their thoughts known, and that was by forming this committee. Their goal was to show people that not only were there problems with the environment, but that the whole world was at stake. Their committee created art projects to illustrate what global warming was doing to the environment, how it was affecting people in the region and what they could do to stop it. They hoped that their project would help make people more aware of the need to deal with climate change and make them want to do something about it in 2021.One of the topics they tackled was solar minimum. They had noticed that in the summer months, there was a lack of solar energy. Since there is such a big focus on alternative energy sources nowadays, they wanted to show people that using solar power can be a viable option, and that the city of Augustna actually used solar power to power most of its electric needs. Their next project will be to figure out what the impact of global warming will be on the future of the world as a whole.

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