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What are the different types of gold

Gold is one of the precious and sought after commodities in the world because of its many uses. It is valuable as an investment, as a part of religious ceremonies and even used in medicine and electronics industry. If you are a potential buyer of gold you should know everything about it and this includes more than just tracking gold rate today Ratnagiri or Ahmedabad. So here we introduce you to the most important types of gold so that the next time whether you are buying gold for jewellery or for investment purposes you would be more knowledgeable about the product you are investing and can make better decisions.

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  • White Gold

When a white metal such nickel or palladium or silver is added to gold you get white gold. This combination creates a white colour that’s not quite as bright as platinum but still retains the strength and durability of solid gold. White gold also has a lower price tag than platinum, which makes it ideal for wedding bands or engagement rings on a budget. Some people find white gold too stark of a contrast with their skin tone. To avoid this, try yellow gold with rhodium plating.

  • Rose Gold

Rose gold is basically created by adding copper to gold. The copper gives the gold a pinkish hue that some find very striking. This is also sometimes called red or pink gold, but rose gold seems to be the most popular term. Rose gold was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century and has recently become fashionable in the United States as well. Lately

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Rose gold has become incredibly popular in recent years (particularly after Apple released a rose gold iPhone), due to its combination of the warmth of yellow gold with the coolness of white metals like silver, creating a romantic rose tone that flatters many skin tones. If you’re looking to make a statement with your jewellery, rose gold is the perfect shade. It’s usually not nearly as bright as yellow or white gold jewellery. Instead, it has a soft glow that gives it an antique look that appeals to many women, especially those who love vintage styles. Rose gold has its niche in the gold market thanks to its combination of affordability and unique appeal.

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Green Gold

Green gold was popular in England during the 19th century. Its popularity waned after Queen Victoria chose not to include it in her wedding ring in 1840; she only wore yellow gold. Green gold was one of the first variations of pure yellow gold and remains popular today. Green gold tends to have a deeper tone than yellow gold, which makes it a great option for people who want a yellow-gold look without as much shine or sparkle. Green gold, also known as electrum, is created by alloying pure 24 karats yellow gold with silver and zinc. The slight greenish tint comes from traces of nickel or zinc present in the alloy.

  • Yellow Gold
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Yellow is the colour most people automatically think of when they hear the word gold. Generally when you look up metrics like today gold rate nandyal or whichever place you live in you are generally getting the data about yellow gold. It’s the classic colour that has been used for gold jewellery for centuries and remains extremely popular today. Yellow gold is created with a mixture of pure gold and alloys such as silver, copper, zinc and nickel. Click here to learn more.

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