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Website monitoring for access stability and Google Ads efficiency

A website is not just a business card. This is the face of your brand, replicated on the Internet. This is a way to attract a multimillion-dollar audience of customers and an effective tool to increase business profitability. The company’s website has many functions. The functionality of such websites includes the promotion of products and services in several areas, the formation of brand perception and customer attraction, the expansion of the geography of activities, etc.

But for all of the above to work, the owner of the website or the hired webmaster must ensure that the website operates stably, and web pages are quickly downloaded with full content. Without this, nothing will work as intended, and the website will bring more problems than benefits. To avoid this, the webmaster must continuously monitor the website in full.

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Website monitoring to prevent stability and accessibility issues

Although hosting providers claim a sufficiently large uptime of websites and servers, this is not always enough to be sure of the reliability of the website. One of the assistants in this is monitoring both the availability and the health of the main subsystems of the website.

Experienced website owners and webmasters are aware of the need to constantly monitor the availability of the website – tracking whether it works or not. The most common error here is the incorrect selection of the monitoring frequency. Checking once a day the website’s operability, of course, is useful, but the loss of daily revenue is too high a mistake price.

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The most optimal for simple monitoring is a ten-minute interval. Most users will try to return to the website within 1-2 hours, and during this time you can both detect problems and effectively eliminate them without much harm to the company’s business.

On the other hand, more frequent inspections do not guarantee that the problem will be fixed more quickly than within an hour. After all, the main time takes not so much to find the problem as to find out its causes and correct them. And in this matter, automatic services will help to maximize the effectiveness of website monitoring.

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website monitoring for access stability and google ads efficiency - Website monitoring for access stability and Google Ads efficiency

Automated website monitoring for maximum efficiency

Novice webmasters usually use the above approach to monitoring websites. They do everything manually, which is usually inefficient. Large companies most often install specialized website monitoring equipment. But often this is an expensive event that is not affordable for everyone.

Therefore, many experienced website owners and webmasters use specialized platforms to automatically monitor websites such as HostTracker. This monitoring service can perform many procedures simultaneously:

  • Check the availability of a website via the HTTP protocol using the HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH methods.
  • Test website availability using ICMP request (ping).
  • Check the availability of standard ports and user-selected ports.
  • Reveal the presence or absence of specified keywords on the website pages.
  • Test the response time of a website for predefined requests.
  • Check the domain or IP address of a website for presence in the DNSBL lists,
  • Diagnose the health of the website databases.
  • Check the network infrastructure of the website using the SNMP protocol.
  • Diagnose server health and CPU, RAM, disk or file system usage and even connection time to a port or SQL server.
  • Check the expiration of the domain name registration or SSL certificate of the website.
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Thus, you can find out not only when the website stopped working, but also why. For almost all types of checks, you can select the points from which you want to make them. Over 140 points are located in Russia, Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. 

In addition to this, this service has a built-in instant notification system. In case of problems, the system immediately sends a message to the webmaster by email, using Skype, Hangouts, Viber and other instant messengers. And if the webmaster is unavailable, the system notifies it via SMS or phone call.

1 website monitoring for access stability and google ads efficiency - Website monitoring for access stability and Google Ads efficiency

Website monitoring and Google Ads campaigns

In most cases, the owners of large websites spend the most money to promote their website on the Internet. Usually, in such cases, it is contextual advertising that is the largest item among all promotion expenses. And Google Ads is the most popular system for conducting large-scale advertising campaigns.

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But for advertising campaigns to be successful and the website gaining an audience, the website must work as steadily as possible, including in the mobile version. Therefore, the webmaster is required to monitor all processes and constantly monitor all aspects of the website related to Google Ads.

This is due to the fact that Google Ads blocks advertising campaigns if the website is unavailable or slowly downloading. And the owner of the website after restoring health will have to spend a lot of time reconnecting advertising campaigns. Because Google systems completely block advertising campaigns. And you need to restore them through Google support. That is, the owner of the website will need to apply and wait for its full processing.

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2 website monitoring for access stability and google ads efficiency - Website monitoring for access stability and Google Ads efficiency

But most problems are caused by the complete or partial inaccessibility of content on the website. In such cases, the Google Ads system does not block anything. But users who follow the link in the ad see a poorly functioning website. Or users go to the “broken links” and visit an empty website. And the money for the advertising campaign is still being debited.

To avoid any problems with Google Ads, the HostTracker service offers a range of tools. All of these tools are related to the main tasks of monitoring the website. And the system automatically suspends advertising campaigns on Google Ads in case of the above situations. Thanks to this, the webmaster can quickly resume advertising campaigns directly from the monitoring system interface.

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