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Types of wines for special occasions and their selection

Every year there will be some days which are much more special than other days. On such days, people often choose to have everything best. Special occasions, like holidays, family functions, business functions, etc., need some unavoidable elements. In Australia, it is a tradition to use the best-quality wines on such occasions. It will add to the enjoyment mode, and wine is much safer than other alcohol products. This feature makes the wines a perfect choice for every occasion. A product like Barossa Shiraz is not only suitable for serving but to use as a gift also. In both scenarios, it is necessary to choose the best quality product. Also, knowing the different types of wines available in the Australian market will help select the right one for the occasion.

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Types of wines

Types of wine vary with the fruit used, colour, etc.

  • White wines: White wines can make from both red and white grapes. But unlike the red winemaking, the skin of the red grape is removed for making the white wine. This process also helps reduce the tanning, and hence the bitter taste will be less in white wine. Some of the famous brands in white wine are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, etc.
  • Red wine: It is one of the best traditional wines all over the world. Usually, it is fermented for a very long time. But it can also be made from a wide variety of berries like mulberry. The aroma of the wine depends on the fruit used for making the wine. The red wine will have more tannin than other types of wines which causes a bitter taste. The famous brands in red wine are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Barossa Shiraz, etc.
  • Rose wine: It’s an intermediate product between red and white wines. The rose wine is made by fermenting the grape with skin for only a short period until the colour changes to a near pink colour. Due to the lower fermentation period, the tanning of the wine is lighter, like white wine.
  • Carbonated or bubbly wine: These wines are carbonated to get a sparkling effect on opening. The carbon dioxide can naturally occur in the wine during fermentation as a by-product. The most well-known carbonated wine is champagne. It is a usual drink at most functions like weddings and other parties.
  • Sweet wine: It is also known as dessert wine due to its use after eating food. Unlike other wine types, there is no bitter taste in this wine. This peculiarity makes it a perfect after food drink. Moscato is the best example of sweet wine.
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How to select the right one

Having a basic knowledge of the type of wine is the fundamental step in selecting the right wine. But some other factors can also affect the selection.

  • Type of occasion: This factor can considerably affect the selection of wine. It is necessary to select the type of wine as per the occasion. In many functions, it is customary to have red wine. But in other general programs, the person can use different types of wines also.
  • Purpose: Wines are not always buying to serve. They are a suitable gift option too. So, the use of the wine can also affect the type of wine required.
  • Alcohol content: The alcohol content of each type of wine can vary. It is always better to buy the less alcohol content one for family functions. This consideration is due to the chance of drinking of the wine by minors also. Also, it reduces the chance of alcohol-related health problems.
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