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Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

123gomovies 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

123GoMovies is a website that allows users to watch their favorite movies online absolutely for free without having to download or sign up to stream them. That being said, 123GoMovies can be sometimes slow to browse and could be blocked in many countries due to copyrighted movies being shared.

Therefore, we decided to list the best 123GoMovies alternative sites that will allow you to stream movies online in HD and that too for free. These alternative websites are well known by millions of people around the world for allowing them to watch movies online for free. To keep it short, you can consider these sites as the new 123GoMovies 2018 version.

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New 123GoMovies Alternative Websites in 2018

1. SolarMovie

solarmovie 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

SolarMovie is to be one of the best 123GoMovies alternative site, allowing its users to watch movies in HD quality without any lags. They also have multiple servers around the world that allow its users to stream smoothly without having to wait for a movie or TV show to buffer. We all know how painful it is to wait for a movie to load.

The reason why SolarMovie is on the number one list is that SolarMovie also looks exactly the same as 123GoMovies, making it one of the best clones online. Thanks to its design and layout, users can browse SolarMovies without a problem.

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2. GoMovies 2.0

gomovies 2 0 1024x391 1 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

So you might be wondering, is GoMovies 2.0 the new version of 123GoMovies? Well yes, you can consider that due to its theme and the name itself. Just like SolarMovies, GoMovies 2.0 makes a great alternative site due to its design, and loading speed.

They also upload the latest movies and TV shows daily as they are released in theatres and on TV channels. Therefore, one doesn’t have to rush from work or school just to watch their favorite TV show, as it’s always available online at GoMovies 2.0.

3. FMovies

fmovies 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

Fmovies makes a great site like 123GoMovies, allowing its users to stream their favorite movies and TV shows online without having to download them or sign up to play them online. With Fmovies, users watch movies on their mobile phones and tablets, all thanks to its professional website theme. Therefore, users don’t really need to be on their computer in order to watch a movie online.

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Fmovies also allows users to share a review of the movie or TV show they watched. While this feature wasn’t available on 123GoMovies, this makes it much easier to know if it’s really worth hitting the play button or not.

Another great feature that Fmovies has is that users can stream a movie via Chromecast. Just like the video player used on YouTube, Fmovies video player can detect whether Chromecast is available or not.

4. YesMovies

yesmovies 1024x398 2 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

Just like 123GoMovies, YesMovies has everything that you need to find the best movie to watch. As a user searches for a movie, it displays results exactly like 123GoMovies. This means it will show the user if their favorited movie or TV show is available in HD quality or not.

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The design is exactly the same as 123GoMovies, but has much fewer advertisements to annoy its users. It’s hard to say if this is the new 123GoMovies or not, but it sure works well when it comes to watching a movie.

5. AZMovies

azmovies 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

If you hate playing movies recorded in CAM quality, then AZMovies is the perfect site for you. Why? Because they only upload movies in HD quality only. While 123GoMovies shared movies in CAM movies, AZMovies has dedicated the site to HD quality movies only.

What makes this site so awesome is its simple design and fewer ads. The site is super easy to use, making it easy to find your favorite movie. With fewer ads, the site is super clean and super-fast. They too have multiple servers for their users to play movies in case a video is not being played.

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6. Putlockers

putlockers 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

Putlockers is also a famous movie streaming site like 123GoMovies. They share movies in CAM and in HD quality. The good thing about Putlocker is that they upload movies as soon as they are released in theatres.

Putlockers may not have a nice theme, but it still a good alternative to stream movies when sites that we listed above are down. With Putlocker, users can play movies via Chromecast, allowing them to play movies on a TV screen. Although, it can be hard to find the video player due to Ads being placed above the fold (Ads are shown as you open the page and the player is hidden down below).

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7. MovieGo

moviego 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

MovieGo is famous for uploading the latest TV shows daily, and that too in high quality. What makes MoviesGo awesome is that it doesn’t have those annoying popup ads that get your internet browser loading for hours.

While 123GoMovies was full of ads, MoviesGo has only one advertisement placed in its video player.  With no ads placed on its website pages, the site remains blazing fast when searching for a movie. Therefore, MovieGo is a site that is very user and family friendly.

8. SeeHD

seehd uno  1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

As the name says everything, SeeHD only uploads movies in HD quality. The good thing about SeeHD is that their website is fast and has all the latest movies. While 123GoMovies was very user-friendly and family friendly, SeeHD appears to upload adult videos (18+) too.

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Therefore, SeeHD is not the site for you if you aren’t over 18 years of age or are planning to watch a movie with a friend or family. The site also has a lot of ads, making it really annoying to browse around. But it’s still a good alternative website, as users can access their favorite movie without having to sign up or register.

9. 123Movies

123movies 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

123Movies is an exact clone site of 123GoMovies, that allows users to watch movies online for free without downloading. This site is completely ads free and is blazing fast when browsing around the site. They also upload the latest movies and TV shows upon their release.

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123Movies is very user-friendly and family safe site as it doesn’t host adult content or run any ads that show up inappropriate things. That being said, they also show which movie is available in HD and which aren’t.

They also host movies on multiple servers. Therefore, when a movie isn’t playing, users can easily switch to another server to get it running.

10. DeepMovie

deepmovie 1 - Top 10 Alternative Sites Like 123GoMovies to Watch Movies

DeepMovie is another clone like 123GoMovies. What makes this site so special is that they have a dedicated section for Asian movies. Therefore, if you love Indian, Hindi or Bollywood movies, then this site is for you.

They even show what quality a movie is available in, so they don’t waste their users time if they are searching for a movie in HD quality. This site does have a lot of ads running, but they appear to be user-friendly.

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What if these 123GoMovies alternative sites are blocked?

You can easily unblock these sites by using a VPN. With a VPN, your internet IP address will change that will allow you to access those sites. If you want to access them without a VPN or Proxy, we wrote an article here on how they can be unblocked.


Although we have listed 10 alternative sites like 123GoMovies, our number one choice is SolarMovie as it is believed to be the new 123GoMovies website with a different brand name.

We investigated whether it’s the same site or not, and we found that the source code of SolarMovie matched exactly with 123GoMovies. Therefore, we strongly believe SolarMovie is the new 123GoMovie site.

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Disclaimer: This article has been written for educational purposes only. Sites that we listed above shares copyrighted movies and TV shows, that are alternative to 123GoMovies. We, therefore, do not support them in any way, and nor are we a part of their team or services.

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