June 30


Tips to Assist the Students in Learning

Tutors are the only guide to the students who can teach the students how to study so that they can earn good marks as well as attain knowledge in their academic life. This guidance from tutors includes many kinds of assistance from them to the students such as making them understand about lessons they teach, keeping a keen eye and helping even the weakest student of the class and also to connect with the students so that they should not feel left alone. Though as compared to traditional schooling now school managements are inducing many innovative tools like fees management system and admission management software to help the students like Understanding includes deep knowledge and information about a person, concept or situation. We use this process in our daily life usually but we don’t try to think about it deeply. The same thing happens with the students also, they study daily and try to learn also but they themselves are unable to understand and grasp the course material. Most of the time the students and teachers face the same problem that the teacher thinks that he is teaching and putting his maximum effort to teach the child then why isn’t he or she getting the lesson or understanding the lesson. It is so because there are certain methods to make a student understand any lesson.

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Being a teacher, it is necessary for a teacher to understand that he is a role model to the students and they follow him/her at every step especially during the learning process. So, the teacher needs to make students understand the lesson according to the text books because when they reach home, they also study from textbooks so if the teacher teaches anything apart from books students get confused at home where to do homework from, so, this should be kept in concern by the teacher. In order to make students understand the lesson, the teacher should concentrate on his own preparation. Teachers should try to teach the lessons to the students in the most possible detailed manner. Teaching the lessons in a hurry and short method can make students get confused about the lesson and they cannot understand it in that detailed manner how they are supposed to get it.

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Sometimes students are going through some physical and mental disorders but they are not able to recognize it just like others and assume themselves useless and good for nothing. Here they need the help of their mentors or tutors to use their expertise and recognize the real issue the students are suffering from.  “An apple a Day keeps doctors away”- a healthy diet and healthy daily routine also plays a good role in improving the abilities of weak students. If they become physically strong then they will grow psychologically also. Therefore, it is necessary that physical exercises like deep meditation, yoga, games like tennis ought to be followed by them in their daily routine to keep the students physically and mentally fit and fine.

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As fees management system and admission management software provide the chances to the school management to solve issues related to fees and attendance of the students. In the same way teachers should provide the chance to the students to discuss whatever they wish related to their studies so that students can feel relief that they can get the support they desire while learning, and this support makes them go forward for studying and learning at full dedication. Secondly students feel very comfortable in class when they are given such chances to share their views and thoughts.

We as humans have always a good interest in group discussions where we all like to share and students feel very happy and jolly when they find their teachers and mentors enjoying their games and extracurricular activities in their jolly good childish way. Teachers should leave their robust nature at the time students are enjoying extracurricular activities and be one of them and make an environment full of fun and joy because it is not a bad thing for an adult too to become a child for one day. This motivates and inspires the students to enjoy life along with their goals.

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