November 13


The Ultimate Guide To Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid (ทําตาสองชั้น) surgery is a special type of Asian double fold surgery that creates a distinct break in the upper eyelid. The goal of double eyelid surgery is to create an enhanced definition for your eyes by improving the contour and complementing natural features. Double-folded lids are not universal, but they are generally preferred by both men and women because it provides definition to the eye area.

For some individuals who have had double-fold procedures, there may be complications after their operation such as infection or skin necrosis (death). Most doctors will recommend waiting at least six months before undergoing double-fold surgery again if you have had any sort of complication following your last procedure.

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It’s not uncommon for Asian people to have a double fold and to lack one. A competent surgeon can create a low crease by forming a tiny crease in the lower eyelid. The surgery is quite intricate, and it entails developing the crease, removing tiny platform skin, and carefully tucking the skin and muscle. Outside of adding an aesthetic touch, double eyelid surgery can also improve peripheral vision and reduce tearing.

The fold’s position is essential for achieving a natural appearance. The fold must be placed precisely and symmetrically on each eyelid, and as much of the natural eyelid as feasible should be preserved. Because some texts recommend elevating this crease too high or at times the surgeon lacks expertise in Asian double fold surgery, treatment with a nonspecialist double eyelid surgery is not recommended.

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If you want to have a more natural appearance, it’s vital to select a board-certified ophthalmologist with extensive expertise in this operation. The key is finding a highly experienced surgeon that understands the specifics of the surgery and can adapt it for each eye. Your surgeon should take a conservative approach in order to complement your eyelid definition rather than over-resecting the double fold.

In addition to finding the proper oculoplastic surgeon, you should inquire about how to create the double fold in the most efficient way possible. The second method for developing this fold is by utilizing sutures as temporary stitches that form an upper eyelid crease. These threads, on the other hand, aren’t long-lasting and eventually break down and dissolve. The double fold surgery is a complicated procedure that requires great care, experience, and precision in order to obtain the best results possible.

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When you’re dealing with an undesirable laxity, remove it. Remove the extra skin that is present and reduce the width of the brow bone to make your eyes look more open. With my particular technique, you will obtain a more natural appearance with little redness.

Schedule a consultation for more information on Asian eyelid surgery with an oculofacial surgeon who has expertise and extensive experience performing the procedure. Examine his or her before-and-after pictures to ensure that the outcomes are natural.

You and your surgeon should be in agreement about your objectives and the look you desire to achieve. By increasing definition to your natural features, double fold surgery may improve the appearance of your face. With the appropriate doctor, you can feel reassured proceeding forward.

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If you are considering double eyelid surgery, this article will help walk you through the process of what to expect before and after your procedure. We hope that by reading this blog post, we have helped dispel some misconceptions about how quickly one can heal from a lower lid blepharoplasty. Double Eyelids doesn’t just make eyes look bigger – they also come with many other benefits including less eye strain which is especially helpful for people who work long hours staring at screens all day.

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