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The Surprising Net Worth of Weerasak Srisuk Revealed: Everything You Need to Know


In today’s world, it’s not surprising to hear about individuals with an enormous amount of net worth. Such people are usually celebrities, business moguls, or heirs to a significant fortune. However, it’s not every day that we hear about someone who has amassed an outstanding net worth without being in the public eye. That’s where Weerasak Srisuk comes in.

The Beginning

Weerasak Srisuk is a Thai carpenter who has become a millionaire due to his unique approach to carpentry. Growing up in a small village in Thailand, Srisuk developed his carpentry skills from a young age. He combined his natural talent with an innovative mindset, and he started creating wooden sculptures that caught the attention of art collectors.

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The Turning Point

Srisuk’s turning point came in 2004 when his work was displayed at an exhibition in New York City. The exhibition featured his wooden motorcycle sculpture, which was sold for $10,000. From there on, his work was in high demand in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The Business

Srisuk is a man of humble beginnings, but that didn’t stop him from starting his entrepreneurial journey. He founded the company, Komorebi Wood Art, which produces handcrafted wooden sculptures and furniture.

The Net Worth

Srisuk’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. This figure is impressive considering that he started with nothing and built his fortune by doing what he loves – creating beautiful wooden sculptures and furniture.

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The Awards

Srisuk’s work has been recognized worldwide and has earned him multiple awards. He has won the Best of the Best Red Dot Design Award, the International Design Awards, and the Good Design Award.


Q: How did Weerasak Srisuk become a millionaire?
A: Weerasak Srisuk became a millionaire by combining his exceptional carpentry skills with an innovative mindset. He founded the Komorebi Wood Art company, which produces handcrafted wooden sculptures and furniture.

Q: What is Weerasak Srisuk’s net worth?
A: Weerasak Srisuk’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.

Q: What type of wooden sculptures does Srisuk make?
A: Srisuk makes a variety of wooden sculptures ranging from animal figurines to large-scale sculptures of motorcycles and planes.

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Q: Where is Komorebi Wood Art based?
A: Komorebi Wood Art is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Q: Has Srisuk won any awards for his work?
A: Yes, Srisuk’s work has earned him multiple awards such as the Best of the Best Red Dot Design Award, International Design Awards, and Good Design Award.

Q: Where has Srisuk’s work been displayed?
A: Srisuk’s work has been displayed in exhibitions across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Q: How did Srisuk’s work catch the attention of buyers?
A: Srisuk’s work caught the attention of buyers after his wooden motorcycle sculpture was displayed at an exhibition in New York City in 2004 and was sold for $10,000.

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In Conclusion

Weerasak Srisuk’s story is an inspiration to all those who want to pursue their dreams. Through hard work, determination, and passion, Srisuk has achieved significant success and built a fortune doing what he loves. His work is a testament to the fact that craftsmanship can be an art form, and it can be profitable too. If you want to learn more about Weerasak Srisuk and his work, visit the Komorebi Wood Art website today.

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