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The best skills testing software in 2021

If recruiters want to provide a great list of candidates to their clients, they must utilize the power of great skills testing software in 2021.

In fact, candidate skills assessment and the test results are the defining factors in many hiring decisions. A great pre-employment skills assessment software can be used in conjunction with the agency’s recruitment software to improve the recruiting workflow and boost better results.

A brief guide on what makes the best skills testing software 2021

1.         It should be easy to use and functional

2.         It should have an extensive library of tests

3.         It should have an online skills testing functionality

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4.         It should integrate well with the recruitment agency software

These four points are fundamental to a good candidate skills testing solution. If a software system is complex to navigate then it is practically useless. Recruiters are likely to completely ignore it if they do not find it useful and time-saving.

Having a wide range of tests available is crucial for recruitment agencies because recruiters will have to deal with a variety of job roles. Hence, they will have to assess candidates for different skills. Literacy and numeracy skills tests are quite popular as are Microsoft Office skills tests. These sorts of assessments are fit for almost every type of job role. However, accounting skills tests, driving skills tests, and typing skills tests are only suitable for specific candidates who are applying for particular roles. Then there is psychometric testing which is necessary to evaluate a candidate’s leadership and teamwork capabilities.

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Online skills testing software is the need of the hour as recruitment has had to shift primarily to remote hiring since the pandemic. Even as the world is slowly opening up, most agencies and their recruiters will be sticking to online skills assessment as it is much more convenient and efficient.

Recruitment CRM software solutions are utilised by almost every staffing agency now. It is an integral platform for recruitment. So, having all the important tech tools like the skills testing software, e-signature tool, etc., integrate well with the agency’s choice of recruitment software is critical.

Finding the best online skills testing software 2021

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Research is central to understanding what agencies need, what features can be skipped and what is extremely vital. There are countless software solutions in the market. Recruiters can start by making a list of every single one. It can be tempting to just forego deeper research and go with the market leader. However, it pays to be cautious because just because one is a leading software in the industry doesn’t mean it will automatically be the perfect fit.

Good research means understanding all the pressing needs of the company as well as the biggest challenges. This helps in finding the most suitable software partner who can help eliminate all the recruiting hurdles and boost better results.

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During the search for the best skills testing software, agencies cannot miss out on product demos. Most of these demos are usually free and the salespeople are knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions. The demos can be done either online or on-site depending on the preference and the need.

Finally, reviews and testimonials – are helpful in clearing any remaining doubts. See what the majority of the customers are saying. Is there a common thread to the doubts and complaints being directed at the company? Or are the majority of the reviews being left by the customers all happy comments? Be observant.

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