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The 10 Ways to Win at Slots in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for ways to win slots in Las Vegas, welcome. Many people are drawn to the excitement and possibility of playing slot machines, but there is a small subset of gamblers who’ve found success by following certain guidelines. These rules are designed for players that want the best odds possible without going too far outside their comfort zone. Here are ten commandments you can abide by if you want your gambling trips full of rtp slot and Slot Online down south to be successful:


1) Don’t play nickel slot machines or less. You’ll have better luck with slots that start with the letter “B”

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Buffalo, Big Ben, Bonus. This is mostly because nickel machines have a higher frequency of paying out lower numbers: the 4 and 5. When you play on these machines, you’ll notice that more often than not the losers are getting paid off; most winners are 8s, 9s and higher choose the best payout online casino canada.


2) Look for loose slots in your casino. Before you sit down at any machine, walk around with a pen and paper and note down what the payout percentage is for each machine. You’ll find that some slots pay out around 89% while others pay out as low as 30%. It’s a good idea to play the machines with higher payouts, but if the lower payout slots are busy go ahead and take a seat. You’ll probably get lucky on the first couple of times you spin the reels.

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3) Check out how popular each machine is. Slot machines that are surrounded by people tend to pay out more often than slots that don’t have many people around them. While you might be able to find a slot in your hotel casino that isn’t crowded, it would probably be a better idea for you to play on a machine that gets a lot of action.


4) It’s better to play slots that pay out a lot more frequently than you would expect. For example, if you take one of the best slots in the casino and play it three times, it has a very high chance of paying off multiple times. The reason for this is that there are often people who hit their hand three times in a row and so there is another player on the other side waiting for the same thing to happen. By playing on one of the lowest pay-outs, such as 2 or 3 times, you will only have about 1 in 6 chances for your winning hand.

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5) Look for slot machines with different types of symbols in them. If you were to play three times in each one of the following slot machines: “Bar, Bar, Bar,” “7, 7, 7” and “A, A, A,” you would find that the first one pays out most often. This is because it contains all of the lower-listed symbols while the second example has two pairs of the highest listed. The third stake contains only one high-value symbol and is therefore a lot less likely to pay off.


6) Play on new slots. If you see a brand new slot machine at a Las Vegas casino bar or near where your hotel’s elevator is located it’s probably a good idea for you to try it out. New slots are likely to be less beaten up from play than older machines.

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7) Avoid machines that give you a good payout often. Sometimes casinos mix up the payout percentages of the slot machines they have at the bar or in their hotel rooms. For example, they might call a machine that normally pays out 30% “15%” on Monday and “50%” on Tuesday. If this is the case you can make a pretty penny by playing the lower paying machines, but you might want to stick with the higher-paying ones instead to maximize your potential profit.


8) Hit some of your high-value winning combinations early on in your session and increase your odds of hitting them again. If you are going to play on a few machines even at the same casino it makes sense for you to try and hit your “B” symbol and “7” symbols as early as possible. You’ll find that the more times you hit them, the higher your chances of hitting them again when your total comes up on the screen. These combinations work best in slot machines that have a high payout percentage because they can increase this number quickly.

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9) Don’t let yourself get frustrated. The odds are always against you when playing slots, but if you let yourself get too upset about being unlucky it will be harder for you to concentrate on the game. It’s best not to let yourself down by letting losing sprees take over your schedule.


10) Don’t be too quick to pull out your credit card. This is the one time you shouldn’t play slots in Las Vegas. Credit cards are used by many people as souvenirs of their trip, but they can also be used as a way to pay off debts in the future. If you’ve got a wad of plastic that can get you drunk or into a dangerous situation, don’t make use of it. You might feel lucky when you’re playing slots and make a good profit off of it, but it’s not worth risking your life to gain some money for yourself.

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11) Take a break if you’re tired or out of money. If you’ve been playing for a long time, take a break and go back to it when you’re refreshed. This is especially true if your luck seems to be running out or if you’re starting to get frustrated with the machine that’s been denying you money, but don’t stop altogether or you’ll have to start over by giving your machine another $20.



The key to playing slots well is to understand the game. The best way to do this is to go around casinos, chat with the staff and watch how everyone else is playing on specific machines. If you stick with these rules you should have some luck finding great slots that will pay out for you.

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