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Tax topic 152 – Is it good or bad? Get advice from the professionals

Tax topics are a system that the Internal Revenue Service employs to organize tax returns, and also share relevant information with taxpayers. Anytime you are checking the status of your tax returns using the IRS website, you may at times see a message which asks you to refer to tax topic 152. If you see this code, you must figure out what this means and what you must do about it.

Let’s move ahead and understand what this topic is all about and what it means regarding your tax refunds.

Topic 152- a generic reference

In most instances, topic 152 is indeed a generic reference code that taxpayers see anytime they are using the IRS refund- status tool. Unlike other topics that taxpayers may encounter, this one doesn’t require you to take any other step regarding your tax refund status or any other related matter.

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According to the IRS website, most tax refunds are processed within the provided period of 21 days or less, but if you get to see tax topic 152, this may mean that your review may take a little longer, so you should expect to have your refund processed after you have waited for more than the 21 days that are provided. Remember that when you see this, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, and it’s an indication that your returns are yet to be rejected or approved.

Reasons that may make your tax returns take longer to process

Several reasons may make you be referred to tax topic 152 and among those reasons include:

  • When you are claiming an injured spouse
  • When you have attached an application for the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • When there are issues of refunds from returns that have been amended. These are normally processed within 16 weeks after you file them.
  • When you are requesting tax refunds that have been withheld in form 1042-S, by presenting a filled-in form 1040-NR. This is normally processed and received within 6 months from the time of filing.
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Measures that you can put in place to ensure you don’t face delays

Before you start filling out your tax returns, make sure that you have all the information and documents that are required to help. For instance:

  • Make sure that you have all income-related forms which you received.
  • Any form which you may need to report the coverage of your health insurance.
  • Your taxpayer’s identification number and your tax returns for the previous year.
  • Personal information that includes full names, birthdates for your spouse, children, and self, details of dependents, and social security numbers.
  • If you were issued one, you need to provide your identity protection pin.
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Don’t estimate or guess when filling any of the required amounts. If you keep accurate financial records, you can avoid unnecessary delays. You can also choose to work with best tax attorneys who will ensure that you follow due diligence, therefore helping you to reduce delays. The professional will do a cross-check of the information which you have provided to ensure completeness and accuracy. They will also ensure that your returns are e-filed, and refunds are received quickly.

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