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Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

Mobile apps have now become the backbone of any eCommerce business. When we look into the subject in-depth, we realize how important and life saving these software applications have become. Mobile Apps have now become a part of our day-to-day lives. 

As an Android and iOS mobile app owner, your application must reach its targeted audience. In order to achieve that reach, you could consider Promoting your app on the App Store as well as the Play Store. 

If you are based in UAE and want to avail such services, you would need a Mobile App Development company and with the help of our App Developers in Dubai we could help you with these promotion services. 

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In the given article, you will find Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App. 









Before delving deeper into the Marketing Strategies and structure of an app, you need to have a quality foundation, an idea that will stand firm in the market. 

Mobile App Development has become an enormous industry, and in order to stand with the competitors, your app must be unique to itself and represent your idea.

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If your app is missing details or has a lot of bugs, the users will not take a minute to leave a negative review. This could directly affect the application’s rating on App Store as well as Google Play Store. 

To combat this situation, you must comply with the users’ expectations, like building a user-friendly interface. This would add more relevance to your app.


Having a solid strategy is exceptionally crucial for App Store and Google Play Store Optimization as it’s an efficient way of attracting new users. 

The primary ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy is to increase the number of user downloads. 

Talking about mobile apps, Mobile app SEO is a vital feature. This is also one of the factors that decide the success of your app.

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Having an SEO-friendly app is a great promotion strategy. Doing so will ensure a higher ranking by an increased number of searches. 

One more way you can promote your mobile app is by having a reduced size of the app with a start-up time of no more than 5 seconds. 


Not choosing the right keywords will directly affect your SEO and ASO strategies. Below are the factors on which you can choose the right keywords:

Search Traffic

The search traffic that the keywords are getting is an important criterion to choose the keywords. The search volume data gives a clear picture of how much traffic a particular keyword is attracting.

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Your app must be able to rank the keywords that you are using. This is an essential step of the entire process of selecting a keyword. Paying more attention to a low-ranking popular keyword is more important. 


Your keywords must aim at deriving the maximum number of downloads. This is practically the most important factor. In addition, the keyword has to be related to your app in order to achieve relevance.


Once you are well-versed with the app’s inner workings, next comes into the picture, the display. The name of your mobile application has to sound catchy, and the icon has to be eye-catching. 

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The name presents your idea, and the icon represents it. If these two are too bland and not up to the mark, it might result in a downfall. Make sure the icon is not too complex and perfectly demonstrates what the app is all about.

The first thing that any user would notice about your app is the title. This title would also increase your ASO rate and market campaigning. 


A well-written app description gives the user a crystal-clear idea of what the app offers, ranging from exclusive features, uses, data, requirements, etc. 

The description box is one of the primary places where Google fetches the keywords and shows the results. 

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Make sure the keywords don’t appear to be stuffed and are inserted in a natural manner. Doing this will directly affect your search volume, and you might end up with an increased ranking for your app. 


A large portion (estimated to be around 80%) of potential users constitutes people who download an app solely based on reviews and ratings. 

This also happens to be the central section of the App Store. If the description is relevant to the users, reviewers directly rate the app higher. High quality and descriptive reviews help in the increased ranking of the app.

Conclusion: What makes an excellent app is an informative, user-friendly and straightforward approach towards developing it. A respectable marketing campaign promotes a good app entirely based on its content. By learning these strategies, your chances of racing in the Mobile App Development market will automatically increase. These were some of the simplest ways to promote your mobile app!

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