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Should I Take Chlorophyll on an Empty Stomach?

Chlorophyll is the latest trend to hit the wellness world. But is it safe to consume? Even more, is it safe to consume on an empty stomach? In case you’re just starting out to learn more on chlorophyll benefits, visit this page for more information.

Straight on, the answer to the question of whether you should take chlorophyll on an empty stomach is yes. It is not dangerous at all to take chlorophyll on an empty stomach. In fact, this is when the supplement becomes even more potent. For best chlorophyll benefits, it is better to take the supplement right before your meals. Just ensure that you don’t go beyond the recommended dosage of 300mg per day.

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How to Take Chlorophyll

There are different forms of chlorophyll you can take. But the thing is that all of them will deliver the same chlorophyll benefits. Here are some of the main ways to take in chlorophyll into your system:

  • Sprays
  • Powders
  • Encapsulated supplements
  • Liquid drops

By far, the most popular way to consume chlorophyll is by taking it through liquid drops. Most TikTok users are adding chlorophyll drops to their drinks and taking these twice or thrice in a day.

Doses of chlorophyll will vary from one supplement to the next. It is very vital that you read the label on your supplement before you add it to your water. It’s important that you start slow, regardless of the serving size on the label. You might not be able to take the full dosage at once. Also, you might want to consult your nutritionist or doctor for further advice, especially when you have any underlying condition.

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What are some of the Chlorophyll Benefits?

There are so many claimed chlorophyll benefits. But not all of them are backed by scientific data. Some have gone through scrutiny and assessment in clinical studies to show how the results are. However, others are merely TikTok hearsays. Nonetheless, the reality is that most of these chlorophyll benefits have a bit of backing – medically. So, what are some of the most known chlorophyll benefits?

should i take chlorophyll on an empty stomach - Should I Take Chlorophyll on an Empty Stomach?

Skin Chlorophyll Benefits

Perhaps one of the most popular chlorophyll benefits of them all is its work on the skin. TikTok influencers and even celebrities have gone all guns blazing about the advantage of using chlorophyll for your skin. This is so much that they claim it is the ultimate skincare product to use.

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Chlorophyll seems to have skin-clearing benefits that have attracted so many people on TikTok. And the good thing is that there’s some level of evidence that supports these claims. Some research-based studies have pointed to the reality of chlorophyll helping with large pores, acne, and even different signs of ageing.

Cancer Chlorophyll Benefits

It seems like chlorophyll benefits have stretched so far as to touch the field of cancer. It is no news that cancer has been a huge scourge all over the world. Cancer has affected people of all ages and even led to fatalities.

There’s a new study that shows how chlorophyll can help in the prevention of certain types of cancer. Scientists argue that it has the potency to counter harmful carcinogens that can possibly cause cancer. It is particularly a great way to alleviate liver cancer or any other type of cancer that results from environmental triggers.

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Bloating and Weight Loss

Even though there’s no sufficient information linking chlorophyll to weight loss, some limited studies are already promising, especially those on rodents. And if the results are anything to go by, then this impressive supplement could be the answer to your weight control and bloating concerns.

But note that chlorophyll is not a replacement for good dieting and exercise. Don’t expect to use it as some sort of magic bullet to weight control. It only works as a supplement, meaning that you will still need to get down to the basics.

Natural Deodorant

1 should i take chlorophyll on an empty stomach - Should I Take Chlorophyll on an Empty Stomach?

Yes, this is yet another one of the many chlorophyll benefits. And it has gone viral on social media, with many claiming that chlorophyll is very much helpful when it comes to eliminating body odours.

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Many people struggle with body odours every single day. And the bad thing about body odours is that you may not even know when you have it until somebody else notes it. Chlorophyll provides a good alternative to using deodorants and perfumes. This is so much that even the influencers on TikTok term it as Mother Nature’s own deodorant.

And this fact about chlorophyll isn’t just recent. It dates back to several decades ago when the study on its anti-odour claims came to life.

Increasing Metabolism and Energy Production

Chlorophyll has the power to boost general body metabolism and increase energy production. This can be particularly great for those who fancy exercises and working out – to replenish lost energy.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, you can take chlorophyll on an empty stomach. This is even the best time to do it anyway due to the high concentration. We hope that you have also seen the top chlorophyll benefits to inspire you to start taking this effective supplement.


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