July 15



More flexibility, no travel, a better work-life balance and, most recently, the Corona crisis: there are many reasons to work from home. But for many people, it’s not that easy to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office and get involved in social distancing. That’s why we’re giving you some concrete tips to make working from home a success.

If you work from home for a living or are currently pursuing further education from home, it’s important to create an area where you can work both comfortably and with focus. A cleverly designed workspace makes it easier for you to mentally switch to office mode at home. Conversely, it also makes it easier to get back to your free time after work and not get stuck on the last email. With our tips, you can create a productive workplace at home. Adding games or pool tables for sale to your space could be the perfect break from your day working at home.

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Set up a home office: create a space to work in

When you’re setting up your home office, the first thing to do is create a permanent workspace. Of course, it’s ideal if you have a study room that you can furnish according to your needs. But even if you don’t have your own office, you can still create a separate area and create the right office atmosphere. Room dividers, for example in the form of bookshelves, plants or simply a different wall color, provide the visual separation of the work area and the rest of the living space, without losing the coziness.


The right furniture is important

Ideally, you should acquire a height-adjustable table for your home office. Its height should be adjusted so that when sitting, the elbows are the same height as the keyboard.The chair should also be height adjustable and have a backrest that can be released. Adjust the chair so that the angle between the upper and lower leg is 90 ° or slightly more, the back touches the backrest with slight pressure and the feet have good contact with the floor.

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Avoid any distractions

It’s tempting to turn on your favorite TV show, enjoy casino online on your mobile phone or even take a nap on the couch when you’re feeling a midday slump. To avoid temptation, keep distractions within your immediate reach to a minimum. It already helps to keep the remote control, cell phone, tablet, or the book you devoured the night before out of reach. Because if concentration killers like smartphones are just a hand’s reach away, you’ll pick them up more quickly and be more easily distracted again.


Take lunch breaks

Even in the home office, you should take enough time for your lunch break to gather new energy for the afternoon. That means putting work aside, closing your computer, and being truly unavailable for the duration of your break. Avoid eating at work and make sure you have a change of scenery. Whether that’s your favourite Vietnamese place around the corner, your kitchen, or the dining table in your living room is up to you. Your fridge is empty and there’s no way around a trip to the supermarket? Then buy only what you need for your lunch break and postpone the bulk purchase until after work.

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Good decoration is important

There’s nothing wrong with adding a personal touch to your workspace when decorating your home office. However, too much decoration and clutter in your field of vision can be distracting and make it difficult to concentrate. A photo of your loved ones, a picture on the wall with an inspirational quote, office supplies that you always need to have on hand, a potted plant for that little green accent – there shouldn’t be much more on your desk.


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