January 28


Proven Ways to Invite Wealth and Prosperity in Your Home

Vastu shastra, the science of architecture has a great impact on the interior decor of your home. It influences the energy inside your home. Besides, Vastu complaint home construction, Vastu for interior decor has a great role in channelizing luck, prosperity, and wealth in your life.


If you are looking for ways to boost your home’s fortunes, given below are some Vastu guidelines that you should keep in mind.


#1. Maintain your main door:

The main entrance door to your home should always radiate a welcoming aura. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it should be in sound condition. Maintaining your main door is important because as per Vastu principles it is considered to attract wealth. Therefore, your main door should be strong and sturdy. Additionally, it should be free of cracks, crevices, splinters, or any other deformity. From handle, lock, to hinges everything should be in sound working condition.



#2. Attract wealth through the southwest 

As per Vastu prosperity principles, the southwest direction is the earth corner. It works to boost your financial well-being and further grows your prosperity level. As such, it is an ideal location to place safes, almirah, lockers, and valuables. Plus, the door of your cabinet should open towards the north and the northeast direction.


#3. Keep northeast direction clutter-free

The northeast is the direction of the god of wealth and prosperity, lord kuber. Therefore, this direction in your home should be kept clean and clutter-free. There should be no heavy furniture, drains, or toilets as they could obstruct the positive energy. The space along the northeast direction should always be open and spacious so that it enables the flow of cosmic energies of prosperity inside your home.

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#4. Decorate entryway

The entryway to your home should never be left bare and dull. As this will result in propelling negative energy. Rather your entryway should always look inviting to attract good fortune. Lay an entryway runner, decorate the plain wall facing your main door with a fancy mirror, or place a statue or entryway table to keep your entrance all decked up to flaunt an ethereal look.

Some More Valuable Vastu Decor Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Replace or repair leaking faucets, broken lights, and fused bulbs as they are believed to invite trouble.
  • Your home should have uniform lighting with no shadows or glare.
  • Keep your family pictures illuminated by spotlights. This is said to bring good luck and family health.
  • Installing soothing water paintings in the northeast direction invites good fortune.
  • Remove non-working wall clocks and never hand them on south-facing walls.
  • Place Television set in the southeast corner of the home.
  • Decorate your home with indoor plants flowers and make sure to water them regularly.
  • Dedicate a separate room for worship and it must fall in the northeast corner of your room.
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Lastly, keep your home clean and clutter-free to infuse positive energy inside your home.


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