January 22


Necklaces to save the day and amp up the style quotient

We are living in a world that is fast and wants quick results. There is a constant race with regard to every aspect of life – be it work, relationships, or even fashion. When it comes to looks, we want to put our best foot forward every time we step out of the house. That is how things have become in today’s times. However, not every woman has the time to sit for hours and get ready for events, occasions, office, or even daily. Therefore, women have now come up with ideas and quick fixes for this impending problem – jewellery hacks.

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Necklaces to the rescue – Which category of jewellery required minimal effort but can transform a look and take it to a whole new level? Necklaces! If you want to get ready and dressed and look your best every day, a good way to do so would be with the help of this category of jewellery. Find minimalistic and subtle designs to wear every day, and heavier ones for occasions. Depending on the occasion, you can also get different designs like traditional and ethnic ones in gold, gemstones and large pendants, several chains, and even chokers. If you are looking for a great collection of necklace design with price, the search is now over.

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Designs in gold – For aesthetic reasons, necklaces have always been considered sophisticated yet simple in jewellery. They have the power to enhance and uplift the look of the woman wearing them while also adding volumes to the confidence she feels from the inside. While there are several metals that designers use to create necklaces, gold is still the most popular one by choice. There are a number of reasons why gold is so highly sought after in terms of jewellery designs – while the metal looks royal and rich, gold is also considered to be auspicious. Moreover, it is a great asset for investment.

  • Frill patterns – In 18k gold, find dainty and frilly patterns that can be worn with Indian kurtis or even Western tops and shirts. It gives a feminine vibe and looks fantastical upon wearing
  • Golden rain – As the name suggests, this is a double-layered necklace that has tiny and delicate motifs on each layer that resemble raindrops. This design looks soothing and cute.
  • Flowers – No piece of jewellery is ever fully complete without the inclusion of a floral pattern. Find hollow designs, heavy ones, or even subtle ones in a floral pattern.
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Designs in diamonds – If there is any metal that a woman looks at after gold, it would be diamonds. Each woman usually has a diamond set on her jewellery wish-list. The myriad of designs in diamond will leave you in awe and the sheer choices will make your heart skip a beat. Not only for grand occasions but there are also options that you could choose to wear every single day.

  • Moon and stars – One of the simplest and most creative designs would be this one. With a crescent moon as the pendant and two tiny stars ascending upwards, this necklace is a guaranteed conversation starter.
  • Triple Dash – An elegant mix of gold and diamonds, this design is subtle yet powerful. Owing to this quality, it is considered to be a good fit for teenagers and younger girls as well.
  • Black diamonds – There are several necklace designs in black diamond for women to prefer a twist in the stone. These are designs that are not limited by event or outfit and find themselves molded into any attire.
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Not only pure and precious metals, but you can also find a variety of options in gemstones. Whether you have a particular outfit or color in mind or you want to go for a contrasting approach, you can find it all. Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds, etc would be a great fit for your jewellery collection. Shop for different necklace designs and amp up your style quotient instantly.



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