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Is UPI a better payment mode for electricity bill payments?

UPI apps are becoming increasingly intelligent. Additionally, they recently added the ability to pay bills. You may simply check and pay your electricity, water, mobile, and other utility bills with the help of this facility.

For example, the BHIM app has begun to offer generous cashback and discounts to compete with these established firms. For example, you can make up to INR 750 per month with BHIM. First, however, in this post, let’s describe the BHIM app’s Bill Payment feature.


BHIM App Bill Payment Features

  1. The BHIM app makes paying bills just as simple as sending money to a buddy.
  2. The Bharat Bill Payment System powers the BHIM app’s bill payment feature (BBPS). Bill presentation and payment are now extremely convenient thanks to this method.
  3. One can pay their bills for other services like DTH, mobile phones, and energy.
  4. One does not need to be aware of the amount. The technology would automatically retrieve the unpaid bill.
  5. The bill status for that month would be updated following the payment. However, It may require some time.
  6. Future reminders can have a notification set up for them.
  7. In addition, the billing history is accessible and relevant billers can also be designated as favorites.
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Online SBPDCL Bijli Bill Payment: Quick and Secure!

Since we now depend so heavily on technology and are linked to the internet at all times, an uninterrupted electrical supply is essential. To start with a seamless electrical connection, one requires continuous access to electricity, and for that, the user needs to make timely payments. You may swiftly and securely pay your SBPDCL electricity bill payment online with MobiKwik, the safest online payment system available, from any location at any time. Pay your electricity bills on time with MobiKwik to avoid any late fee penalty charges and keep getting unrestricted access to services.

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SBPDCL Bill Pay on BHIM Has Several Flexible Payment Options

Make your SBPDCL electricity bill payment via MobiKwik, the safest online payment option out of the numerous available. Their security measures safeguard all user personal information, so you may quickly make payments to prevent fraud and past-due fees. With just one click and the variables provided below, pay your SBPDCL bills on MobiKwik.

  1. UPI
  2. Debit card
  3. Credit card
  4. Net Banking


Why Use BHIM app to Pay the SBPDCL Electricity Bill Payment?

BHIM app, one of the top digital payment service providers trusted by millions of people for years, assists its users in streamlining their regular and sporadic payments. The app has made digital payments simpler for a billion Indians. Here are a few of the main advantages of using UPI app to pay your SBPDCL electricity bill quickly:

  1. Zero fees: Using BHIM UPI to pay bills ensures that users can do so swiftly and securely without encountering any additional or hidden fees.
  2. Secure your transactions: BHIM app is highly recommended for all recharges and bill payments, making it possible to pay your SBPDCL online bill on the outstanding platform. Users’ security is prioritized since all transactions involving their data are end-to-end safeguarded.
  3. Payment with a click: With the BHIM app, paying one’s SBPDCL power bill is as simple as a click. Anyone can use the app to make the payment, and after it is made, SBPDCL will immediately acknowledge it with a bill print receipt.
  4. Unlimited Rewards: BHIM app has always emphasized providing its members with additional benefits
  5. Numerous Payment Choices: Users can select from some different payment options, including UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, MobiKwik Wallet, etc.
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The BHIM UPI AutoPay option for recurring payments has been made available by NPCI. Customers can now enable recurrent e-mandate using the BHIM app for recurring payments such as mobile bills, electricity bills, EMI payments, entertainment/OTT subscriptions, insurance, mutual funds, and more, thanks to this new feature offered under UPI 2.0.



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