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Is It Safe to Overlock Your Monitor? Answers to Your Questions!

No gamer is in the mood to lag in between the gameplay. He is almost eager to increase the refresh rate of their monitors. But, there comes a question in their mind is that “Is it easy to overlook your monitor?”.

The simple answer to this question is yes, it’s safe to overlock the monitors but not perfectly safe at all! No doubt, by overlocking, you’ll be increasing the refresh rate of your monitor, but it can somehow damage the internal programs of your PC. That’s why it’s a long process to overlock your monitor.

Is It Okay to Overlock Your Monitor to 75Hz?

Yes, you can only overlock your monitor to this level when it is ready to handle such a high refresh rate. Plus, it’s also safe to overlock the monitor to 75Hz if you’re a shooter in the game. But don’t dare to apply it repeatedly since it can damage the overall performance of the monitor to several extents.

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Furthermore, it’s okay to overlock your computer to about 75Hz only if your monitor is 60Hz. It can be pretty dangerous if you’re overlocking any monitor beyond its ability to withstand the refresh rate. Korean gaming monitors are more capable for all extents of overlocking.

Pros of Overlocking Your Monitor

Same as the two opposite sides of a coin, overlocking any monitor comes with some pros and cons. Talking about the benefits of changing the overlock settings of your monitors, it dramatically increases the refresh rate.

It means that the image on the screen will have a better refresh rate than the normal monitors. In addition to this, the gamers playing high-end games love to overlock their monitors just to enhance the overall experience of their games.

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One of the essential things to note here is that 60 Hz monitors are perfect for overlocking, but if you have powerful graphic cars in your CPU, you need to upgrade your monitor before overlocking it.

Cons of Overlocking Your Monitor

Undoubtedly, overlocking is safe for monitors, but it does hold some drawbacks. That is why most game players think twice before overlocking their sensitive monitors. However, one of the best threats of overlocking your monitor is that it decreases the monitor’s lifespan.

It’s because overlocking a high-end graphic card demands more energy. This demand for more energy will require high levels of heat and power. Thus, it can lower down the overall working efficiency of your monitors.


Besides this, another common drawback of overlocking your monitor is the recurrent damage it can cause to the hardware you’re using, such as headphones. This damage to the hardware by overlocking depends on the monitor’s ability to withstand it.

Many display screens are now available that can cope with the overlocking processes, but some of them still leave a harsh impact on your high-quality hardware. Thus, make sure to check the monitor’s efficiency before overlocking it for better gameplay.

Final Words:

The conclusion of the discussion for “Is it safe to overlock monitors” is that the results all depend on the type and the efficiency of the monitors. You’ll face no issue if you have a high-end monitor.


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