August 28


Introduction to the types and advantages of conveyor chains

Conveyor chains are used for the transportation of various kinds of luggage and pallets, as well as some small and irregular items. However, for a single heavy item, it can also be transported because it can withstand greater impact loads. Conveyor chain is a kind of chain, which is often used in various production and conveying equipment, such as grain machine conveyor chain, plate conveyor chain, wood conveyor chain, etc. Then let us introduce the types of conveyor chains.

Types of conveyor chains:

According to the purpose: it can be divided into transmission chains, conveying chains, decorative chains, cable-tightening chains and special chains.

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Conveyor chains are divided according to structure:

It can be divided into roller chains, sleeve chains, plate chains, nylon roller chains, scraper chains and sleeve chains.

Although they are all conveyor chains, when the ratio is used, the conveyor chains used are different according to different equipment, so it depends on the specific equipment and purpose, and then decide which one to use Conveyor chain.

Advantages of conveyor chain:

1. Accurate transmission ratio;
2. The structure is relatively compact;
3. Don’t use a lot of tension, the load acting on the shaft is small;
4. The conveyor chain has high efficiency;
5. Stainless steel conveyor chain production is not afraid of oil pollution, and can be used in environments with high temperature, water, humidity and dust.

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