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Installing CCTV Cameras For Business – What Are the Basic Considerations?

It’s a no-brainer to ask why businesses need security and why they need to install CCTV cameras. Don’t you hear about the district municipality, and high ratio of crime rates in West Vancouver? Well, probably, for this reason, the urge to reliable security stands in utmost concern.

This place has a massive population and many excitements to consider for living a quality life. Yet, this place has some downsides as well that mark significant reasons to install CCTV cameras for business safety. 

Here is a list of the top reasons to install CCTV Cameras at Work Premises;

Insurance Premiums

A Deterrent – Anything that actively works to prevent any kind of event from occurring in any case. It helps determine any danger of potential crime on-site or protect against stealing essential business data.

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The CCTV cameras are generally installed by professional contractors who know where to strategically position your cameras on the property and in the perimeter. This not only results in capturing the best viewpoints for vulnerable areas and improvement ones, but is also properly positioned to become deterrents.

 This is because the cameras will be seen so that any criminal approaching will know that you have a CCTV system. Thus, they’ll less likely to intrude in your property. 


Another reason for installing CCTV at your business place is the liability. A term used to describe any given party’s responsibility in an unfortunate event. For instance, a business is liable for the safety and well-being of its employees and patrons or customers.

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If a person at work gets hurt on the job, or a customer gets hurt on-site; then-employer needs to be able to prove they’re not liable for the injury. 

Insurance Premiums

Insurance is another notable reason to install CCTV at your business. Most insurance companies provide some discount for having CCTV installed on the premises.

Insurance works as a fallback plan for many problems that could be solved by simply having CCTV in the first place, and as such, the insurance companies see it as an excellent way to facilitate you with discounts.

Crime Evidence

Businesses are apparent yet must get CCTV installed to have your quick evidence in case of any crime danger. The evidence can help in liability circumstances like mentioned above, but it can also help prosecute criminals without proper evidence.

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It may fall through any court cases that you try to follow through, proving or disproving your liability or in prosecution.

Peace of mind

Having any security system from the intercom to CCTV camera in West Vancouver is necessary for peace of mind. You, your employees, and potential customers will have a relaxed peace of mind knowing a deterrent protects you.

Also, it provides a level of safety and emotional security any employee would deserve to have. Nobody would like to feel unsafe at work or while going shopping; be it anywhere, the CCTV can lead to better employee productivity. Certainly, the customers who feel safer at your location are more likely to take their businesses there.

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After sharing the primary reasons for installing CCTV cameras for businesses, now let’s move to the basic things that need to be considered before installing CCTV cameras for businesses.

Things to Consider For Installing CCTV in Business

Quality Coverage

The quality coverage of CCTV security cameras could either lead to life-threatening situations and lose thousands of dollars, or raise the bar of your business providing the best security. Thus, this is something that can’t be overlooked. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, there are two ways to evaluate CCTV coverage are;

Surveillance resolution is concerned with how closely you can monitor a specific object with the help of a CCTV camera, depending on the location of the object and cameras.

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Surveillance Coverage Index – It emphasizes a region rather than an object. The part can include area, path, or a 3D space as a division of object space.


You must plan how your innovation will exist together or work with your current frameworks. For instance, you can change old coaxial link systems over IP structures by running Ethernet over a coaxial link to a converter module.

Dependability & Maintainability

A demo or time for testing is a fun chance to survey another framework’s dependability. Unwavering quality and practicality mean how well the framework performs after some time and how many individuals can work, keep up with, and update the framework.

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You want to expect the quotes of all parts of a reconnaissance framework’s life cycle. These include:

  • Arranging
  • Plan
  • Establishment
  • Activity

 If you ever need a reliable source to provide you with a security system in West Vancouver, then remember BH Security System has retained its position for versatile security solutions. And, is still helping many clients across Vancouver to protect their work and residential places with equipment that offer quality coverage and multiple functions.

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