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Influence of co-managed IT services on business

Handling your company’s expenses plus managing your resources can be tactful. It is where IT infrastructure comes in as it makes an aligned system. Many of us need to hire internal IT staff, and some of us hire external teams. These are the two main scenarios we have been following lately.

But now, many of you will be aware of new terms where your internal information technology staff works together with an external IT service provider in Dubai. At the same time, your internal IT staff knows your business insides and your company’s long-term plans. Supporting your IT resources with outside IT contractors will give you an upper hand over the market and competitors.

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As the top provider of IT solution services in Dubai, we maintain a balance between budget and investment for your IT structure.

What is co-managed IT?

A term co-managed IT service not only provides you extra support combining in-house resources. As an IT networking company in Dubai, we are delighted to have the best correlation with your in-house team that enhances your team members’ skills. Our team of experts takes control over those gaps in which your staff is not specialized.

Our goal is to manage your IT solutions with the assistance of our skilled technicians. It saves a lot of time, stress, and money your company invests. The correlation of teams will help your staff to focus more on customer service, sustaining the best IT infrastructure.

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Services you can get from Co-managed IT:

Every IT solution service Dubai offers different contracts with different organizations. The best solution to find out which services you need is to check your current IT status. Following are some things to keep in mind.

Does your staff is unable to maintain a cybersecurity network? Do they face difficulty maintaining a support system? Or do they are under the knowledge of implementing software?

 The above-mentioned questions will help you have a better understanding of your needs.

Various services co-managed IT service providers can provide:

  • Day-to-day support includes upgrading software and troubleshooting.
  • Cybersecurity protection system
  • Server maintenance
  • Cloud technologies and many more
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Co-managed IT service is the combination of both teams. It does not replace your IT teams. These teams work best in long-term relationships as both teams have a full grip on your organization’s needs and plans.

Benefits of co-managed IT

●    Dual technicians teams:

Having a house technicians team can benefit you in many ways as they have more insights into the business. Co-managed IT allows us to have new members who have different perspectives of the company and market. They will deal with particular problems with other strategies. As outbound teams have more exposure to working with various groups and companies, which gives them an edge of better know-how about situations.

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●   Peculiar needs:

Suppose you face new challenges in your IT infrastructure, rather than hiring new staff who are specialized in this. It is always better to choose co-managed IT. Hiring new staff will cost you more as you need more work appliances, pay them salaries and other accommodations. Whereas in co-managed IT, you can minimize cost.

●   Hiring high tech resources:

Searching for top tech resources is quite tricky. High tech resources can cost you high, and retaining them also requires a lot of benefits. If you are looking for co-managed IT, it is best to invest in outsourcing IT solutions.

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 Factors to look upon when you don’t need Co-managed IT service

Following are some factors, which can eliminate the need for Co-managed IT.

●      Dissolving your IT department:

Co-managed IT is the combination of internal and external IT teams. But if you want to hand over your IT department to an outsourced IT team, you should move towards managed IT services rather than with Co-managed IT.

●   Resolving minor issues:

If you want to have solutions to one or two issues, then asking for co-managed IT would be a lot more burden for you. The best option in this scenario is to ask for project-based IT services.

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● Small IT infrastructure:

Suppose you are a small organization. Whose IT department consists of two to three computers, then asking for co-managed IT service will be a lot for you. Instead, hiring an IT technician as staff would be enough.


Co-managing your IT infrastructure allows you to have extra hands while coping with your technical issues. It also gives you a large amount of support. If you are looking for the best IT service provider in Dubai, we are here for you. Netlogix offers every solution to your problems. Either you are facing an issue occasionally or need a co-managed IT service provider. Our team of skilled technicians resolve every issue quickly and have a complete grip on the system.

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