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I’m a Prize Blast winner. My review

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my name is lola k im 31 from melbourne victoria - I’m a Prize Blast winner. My review

My name is Lola K. I’m 31 from Melbourne, Victoria.

I am currently studying bioscience at Latrobe University and a mum to my 5-year-old son.

For most of 2021 Melbourne was lockdown due to the Corona virus pandemic which meant we could not leave our home unless it was for work, study (if it could not be done from home) to get essential supplies, medical emergency, daily exercise for 1 hour, to get tested for the virus or to get vaccinated. We also had a curfew and could not travel more then 5km from home.

a fun hobby - I’m a Prize Blast winner. My review

A fun hobby!

Like many Australians or even people in general, during this period of lockdown, I started playing games on my phone. A friend had recommended Prize Fiesta, which I did try a few years ago. At this time, I had just become a mom and had lost interest in it. So, I was contemplating whether to download Prize Fiesta but came across Prize Blast instead in the Play Store.

real life prizes game - I’m a Prize Blast winner. My review

Real-life prizes game.

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I was not convinced that it was real and actually sent people the prizes they win, so I was really just playing the game because I enjoyed it. Indeed, Prize Blast is a game very easy to play and understand. It’s like Toy Blast (which I already tried before), but with the pirate theme. Basically, you are a pirate, who must beat other enemy pirates in blast levels to collect bottles of pirate drinks. Thanks to these bottles, you advance and win the gifts of your choice.

Said like that, I grant you, it seems too easy. But I can tell that: it’s easy!You just need to have patience. I was, and I won 8 wonderful gifts!

social links during the pandemic - I’m a Prize Blast winner. My review

Social links during the pandemic…

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After a week, really quickly my piggy was growing, and I had completed the first 2 or 3 puzzles, but the others were taking a while. So, it was great when I came across the groups on Facebook where you can swap puzzle pieces with other players. I received help from other Prize Blast players who helped me finish my puzzles and I too helped others.

I find nice that there’s this social part that allows you to make friend and to have free bonus in the game. Thanks to the puzzles, I got a lot of pirate bottles that help me on my adventure.

I have made a lot of new friends from different countries but most of them are from France =) I speak to my friends sometimes daily through Facebook messenger, especially because we have five exchanges of puzzle piece per day.

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An addictive game.

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Even after the lockdowns were lifted, I am still playing the game and apart from winning 8 prizes, 6 have arrived already. I have to say that the most incredible one was the PS5! My first prize was an Alexa Echo which I love and motivated me to continue this game. I received my gift 2 weeks after winning it. Then, I also won an iPad, a polaroid Fujifilm, a Nespresso coffee machine, a smart watch, and an Oculus Quest 2. I have been addicted ever since.

I love the game and there is nothing negative I could say because it’s fun, the prizes are real and customer service team are quick to respond and friendly. Anytime in my life, I haven’t really had the chance to have a personal assistant to help me with any questions I might have or with the choice of colors or options for my gifts. On this game, these assistants exist. They can be easily contacted on Facebook and usually respond very quickly. Thanks to these assistants, I was able to choose the color of my iPad and choose between the smart speaker from Google or from Amazon.

really recommend it - I’m a Prize Blast winner. My review

I really recommend it!

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If you like games and have not tried Prize Blast, you should try it!  It takes a long time to get to the prize cave but once you get to it and win a prize it is quick to arrive, and customer service will also let you know when delivery is expected.

I am so grateful for the PS5 because it is sold out Australia wide and I have been trying to buy it for my nephew for the last 6 months, but I won it last week on Prize Blast.
To be honest, I was expecting bad news because of it being sold out but that’s not what happened. My nephew is so happy, so I am also happy =)
Thank you Prize Blast love the game and the prizes!

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