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How to Play Dragon Tiger Online 

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Dragon Tiger: Explained

Dragon Tiger is one of Asia’s most popular card games and is often referred to as two-card Baccarat. It is mostly found in land-based casinos in Asia but despite this, almost anyone can enjoy the card game if they can find an online casino that accommodates this game. The online version is presented by a live dealer courtesy of a video feed that is beamed directly from a television studio designed to look like a live casino setting.

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This fast game is played with a standard deck of cards but even though a live dealer is present, gamblers do not actually take on the dealer. Instead, punters bet on the dealt cards only and therefore In essence, Dragon Tiger is similar to Baccarat and players choose which of the hands will receive the highest card.

Dragon Tiger: The Rules

Players are required to place real money bets on either the Dragon or the Tiger. Once this is done, the live dealer will then place the cards on the table face up, one card is dealt to the Tiger and one is given to the Dragon. The highest card placed on the table wins the game. However, in this game aces are low and if games are tied because the Dragon and the Tiger received the same value card, then the house takes half of every wager that has been placed upon the individual round outcome. The beauty of this card game is its simplicity and because it has no intricate rules, the rounds can come thick and fast.

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The game is pretty much all down to luck and guess work and the only manoeuvres here that are permitted is to side with either the dragon or the tiger on each round. The only different move players can make is to bet on a tie round for better odds. Other bets include Bog and Small bets and players can gamble on whether the Tiger or the Dragon win will be Big, over 7 or Small, under 7.

One more caveat that is added into this game to provide another level of interest, is betting on the actual suit of the card that wins the round.

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Dragon Tiger Final Thoughts

Dragon Tiger is ideal for those looking to participate in a fast but simple card game that is free of too many rules and regulations and strategies. It is a game that anyone can jump straight into without in-depth tutorials. The only thing you need to know is what betting is available and what odds are offered for each bet.

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