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How to Learn Data Science


Data Science is one of the hottest technologies. The demand for Data scientists is reaching its height. So, making a career in Data Science will give you a glorious tomorrow. But getting the experiences required to become a Data Scientist is not an easy job. Suppose you are from those curious minds who want to make their career in Data Science. In that case, this article will surely help you get started by guiding you on learning Data Science from scratch using the numerousonline Data Science courses. These courses are designed to extensively teach you about Data Science and help you build a career in the field.

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Begin with the fundamentals of programming with python

You need to know about Python programming, but if you have not been exposed yet, to the thrill of writing codes, begin with python to enter the new world. It’s the simplest to understand and widely practised for data analytics and development among all programming languages. You may start by attending an online Python Data Science class to help you master the basics of python. 

The python language can be comprehended within a few months of studying hard. You can master it from various sources on the internet that can assist you to begin learning the basics of python. Once you are confident with the syntax and other basics of programming, then move ahead to practice the intermediate and advanced stages of python. To master Data Science, it is requisite to learn the intermediate level thoroughly. This will assist you to apprehend everything about data constructions/structure and file systems in python.

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Let us move ahead to the next step.

Study Statistics and Mathematics

Data Science is the art through which data is studied, and from it, valuable and practical data are extracted to profit the enterprise. Knowing basic mathematics and statistics is requisite for this. You should be aware of the basics for learning key things like data and algorithm operation.

To begin learning, get the high school statistics books so that you can recall all the basics. Go through the basics of statistics of mathematics completely then, Move ahead with studying from any of the following books:

  • Introduction to Statistical Learning (with R)
  • Think Stats (with Python)
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Learning Python for Data Analysis

This is the point where things become more exciting. Now when you have comprehended the basics of Python programming and Statistics. It is time for moving one step ahead in the journey of learning Data Science.

Data Science courses teach about the beneficial libraries of python, which are requisite for data analyses. On the internet, you can browse for many more courses choose the preferable one.

In this step, you should be confident with some significant python libraries and data structures like Series, Arrays, and DataFrames. At this point, one should know about completing tasks like data wrangling, concluding, vectorised methods, grouping data, and merging data from many files.

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Now you are all set for the next step. There is still one thing you have to read before going on further.  Data Visualization is the ultimate key to link the way between analytics and machine learning(ML).

Data Visualization is a crucial part of Data Analytics as it assists you to elicit judgments and visualise models in the data. Therefore, it is necessary to discover how to visualise data. The best and the easiest way to do so is to begin learning through the internet, browse courses for data science business analytics and start studying. After this, you will be confident with a central Python library — Seaborn.

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We have crossed more than halfway to learning Data Science. Let us move ahead to the next step, which is Machine Learning.

Learn Machine Learning

Machine Learningis the process with which a computer learns itself. It is the research of machine algorithms that update automatically through experience. You create designs using predefined methods depending upon the set of data and business obstacles you are encountering. These models equip themselves with the provided data and are then used to form judgments on new data.

Go through the following courses on the internet. It is the easiest way to know about Machine Learning:

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Intermediate Machine Learning
  3. Feature Engineering (to update your models)
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With this step, you have learnt the difference between Supervised Machine Learning and Unsupervised Machine LearningYou would know various vital algorithms such as Regression, Classification, Random Forest, Decision Trees, etc.

With this, we have just solved the puzzle and entered into the world of Data Science. Now, all we have to do is to perform better and climb up the heights.

Drill with programs

Once you have acquired all the information, you must remember it and improve it by studying as many times as possible. To do so, you can get projects to work on and company queries to work.

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One of the best methods to stay in practice is by competing in online competitions and working on problems. These platforms give you the query to be answered and the needed data set to work on. You can present your results and get a position on the leader board based on your score. You can also operate on personal projects to develop a portfolio of yours. 

Learn Data Science by practising-practising is the key

Studying machine learning techniques is vital. As an employed data scientist:

  • Your primary task will be data refining.
  • Knowing a few ways well is preferable to grasp a bit about numerous approaches. Suppose you are familiar with linear regression, k-means clustering, and logistic regression well, can describe and assess their outputs and can build a project from start to end with them. In that case, you will be much more employable than if you know each algorithm but don’t know how to apply them.
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This means that working on projects is the greatest method to grow. By running tasks, you acquire valuable and helpful experience since data scientists must comprehend projects in Data Science from beginning to completion. Much of this is in essentials such as refining and handling data. The greatest approach is to work on your projects to improve your portfolio as you evaluate them. When you strive to get work, this will be beneficial.

One method to begin projects is to get a data set you like to work on. Try to elucidate an interesting question on it. Refine and repeat.

Constantly try for something more difficult. Data Science is a sheer hill to climb, and it is easy to obstruct climbing. But if you stay, you’re never going to reach the pinnacle anymore. If you notice yourself becoming too easy, put on almost any Data Science project some intricacy and challenge. To take you out of your area of comfort, try adding one or more concepts to:

  • Work with massive data set. Learn to use sparkle.
  • Notice, you can make the algorithm quicker.
  • How would you compare your algorithm to many processors, and Can you prepare it?
  • Learn the principles of the algorithm you are working on swiftly. Does this shift your theories?
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With these challenges, you will experience a better comprehension of the topic that you have worked on before. You will have better communication and interpretation abilities, too.


This article is not an exact direction of what to do. Use it as a set of guidelines to follow as you learn Data Science on your way. There is plenty to learn and traverse in this field. If you follow these things thoroughly, you will instinctively start advancing Data Science expertise. But to properly cement your knowledge in all the skills discussed in this article, be sure to check out the Data Science training online available on Greatlearning. This range of online training, certification, and online Data Science programs will shape your career in the best way possible.

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