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How to Improve Amazon SEO Ranking with Google Analytics

So you have been selling at Amazon for a while, but noticed the lack of analytics is stopping you from getting more sales. Isn’t frustrating that Amazon is hiding this information from you?

Amazon even hides the emails and even the phone number of the customers that have bought your products. So there is no way for you to contact them for up-selling or getting product feedback.

Many sellers are dying to get about their customer’s demographics like age, gender, where they live. Most important is what search terms they are typing in the Amazon search box.

The more customer data you have the better you can optimize the product listing for Amazon SEO and launch more cost-effective Amazon Advertising Campaigns. 

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Most Amazon sellers don’t realize that there is another way to get this valuable information for free.

Here is an amazing trick that AMZing Marketing Agency has done for many clients.

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Dig Into Your Website Analytics to Improve Your Amazon SEO Ranking

If you don’t have your own website, then it’s time to build one quickly. Why limit yourself to selling on Amazon only? Okay, Amazon is still the giant in E-commerce shopping. 

Your own E-commerce store sales may not exceed your Amazon store sales, but it’s the customer data and contact information that you can collect that makes it more valuable. 

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How to collect this data?

The answer has been there for over 2 decades: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool that is easily integrated into your own website. Whether you are using Shopify or WordPress it should be added right after you have launched your own online store. 

What Customer Information Will Be Unlocked using Google Analytics that Amazon is Hidding From You

In the Google Analytics reports you will see the following:

Search Terms of the visitors 

Which search term is generating sales 

Number of Unique Users

Bounce rate –  The percentage of visitors who viewed only a single page and left your website 

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How long on average each visitor stays on the site.

Conversion Rate, percentage of visitors that buys your product

What is even more interesting is the demographic data that Amazon is NOT giving you, but available at Google Analytics:

    Language of the visitor;

    browser type they use

    city and country of the visitor

    Visitor interest

    user age group.

With this valuable data, you will have a competitive advantage over other Amazon sellers.

Combining the keywords in Amazon and Google Analytics allows you to fine-tune the product listing. The next step is to optimize your Amazon product title and description with the keywords that generate sales.

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With these high converting keywords you can optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns. Create laser focused advertising campaigns to beat your competitors

Why You Need Your Own Website to Succeed at Selling on Amazon 

Amazon hides a lot of information about your customers. That’s why you need to have your own website to unlock all this valuable data so you can improve your Amazon Marketing campaigns.

Here are the top benefits of having your own website with Google Analytics installed:

– Allows you to find customer search terms that are hidden by Amazon
– Allows you to see the demographic of your customers (age, gender, interest)
– Write a convincing product description targeting the interest of your customers
– Keep up to date with the latest trend and changes of your customers
– Let customers buy directly on your own website and create royalty
– Allows you to use email marketing and upsell your own customers (this is NOT possible at Amazon)

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Improve your A+ or Enhanced Brand Content with Google Analytics Data

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