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How to Get Your Profile in [Trending List] of Instagram?

Here we are with the 2nd release of Famoid’s Discover series. You will learn how to make your Instagram business profile much better!. Let’s begin;

According to research more than 35% of youngsters in the United States are using Instagram on a regular basis. And Instagram is the most famous platform among the young crowd. More than 92% of people who are currently using Instagram belong to the age between 18 to 49 years. If your business is not on Instagram yet, then you must bring that to Instagram for more growth. Make your digital presence known with effective strategies and minimal effort. Buy instagram followers and start your journey to success.

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Although businesses have figured out how they can benefit from it, there is still a disconnect when it comes to the use of Instagram. It is because people are still wondering how they can develop their businesses in a better way through an image and video sharing app. But you have to keep in mind that an Instagram business account can be the best place for you to use for better growth of your business and if you are going to do it in the right way you will surely stand out in the crowd.


How to Get Your Profile in the Explore Page of Instagram in 2019? – Famoid

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Importance of Instagram for businesses

If you are running a business, then it is really a better option for you to own an Instagram account. Because here you can get a lot of better and easy options to grow your business. It is because without any doubt Instagram has the ability to provide excellent opportunities to the business owners to grow their business. They can target a better potential crowd to market their products or services with ease. You can find the most interested and the best-targeted audience here to grab. Instagram will allow you to adopt the themes according to the type of your business which you are owning. Having trendy hashtags, perfect bio and better profile presentation are some elementary components which every business is using. But the selection of a theme according to the type of your business can give you an exclusive outlook at Instagram and can be a better reason for the customers to be attracted towards your business. Instagram can help any business to generate leads and market the services to a huge but interesting community of Instagram.

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How to get your business on the trending list of Instagram?


Videos, photos and trending business which shows in the trending list are tailored to how you are using the Instagram app. The content shown in this tab may vary according to the interest of every account holder that is why you may see different results in different accounts. Instagram may show the content of the people whose content you are already interested in along with the other content which is being liked by a lot of people on Instagram. So, if you are ready to get down to being featured on Instagram then you must know the fact that it takes more than getting more followers on Instagram. For this purpose, the following are some of the best tips to get your business in the trending list of Instagram.

  1. Set your profile as a business account
  2. Increase the life of your Instagram account
  3. Build the following of active users on your business account
  4. Use hashtags smartly
  5. Interact with the followers to stay in the discussions
  6. Post consistently but strategically

Set your profile as a business account

It is always a necessary option to set your profile as a business profile. It is because keeping your profile personal is never going to help you to grow your followers. The content of a personal account never shows in trending lists just because the posts of such accounts are protected from being seen by anyone.

Increase the life of your Instagram account

This may not be a big factor but it can be an important one to include. It is because to bring business to the trending list Instagram looks at this point to some extent. If your account is old enough then the chances of its being in the trending list would be more as compared to the one which is a few weeks older.

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Build the following of active users on your business account

To gain active followers is one of the most important factors to bring your business to the trending list of Instagram. It is because this is the only way to compete for the popularity of your opponents. But the thing you have to consider is that you have to get more than just a following. Engagement is a key to success. It is because you can see the examples of hundreds of business accounts which have thousands of followers but are not being shown in the trending list of Instagram. It is just because the followers of these accounts are not active.

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Use hashtags smartly

Hashtags are the most interesting and quick way to get exposure on any of the content you are sharing on Instagram. If you are going to use hashtags smartly you can easily raise the chances of coming in the explore tab of Instagram with ease. Overuse of hashtags is not a good thing to do. Just be wise while picking hashtags for your content.

Interact with the followers to stay in the discussions

Stay in touch with your followers to keep them active, try to interact with them by asking some questions or let them have a discussion to stay more active on Instagram. Ask your followers something and tell them to answer your question in the comments. This will help you in gaining loyal customers with ease.

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Post consistently but strategically

To post your content try to be the master in the art of timing. It is because posting your content is not the only thing which is required to get more exposure. But posting your content at a perfect time is something worth doing. So, a wise choice is to post consistently but at the time when most of your followers are active on Instagram. Set your timetable according to the timing of your followers.

To be in the trending list, you have to figure out how you can get more exposure to the content you are sharing.

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