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How to Design a Welcome Home Banner for a Very Special Person

Homecomings are extremely emotional moments, and naturally, you will be filled with excitement as you make the preparations, along with your family and friends, to receive the person in style. One of the things you can very easily do to make the moment special is design and print a welcome home banner that you can use to receive at the airport or home. Some tips to make your banner befitting of the occasion:

Think About the Occasion 

When you are preparing to design or get a welcome home banner made, the first thing you will want to do is consider the occasion because it will influence the design and content of the banner. For example, a banner welcoming a soldier back from the battlefield will be significantly different from that made to receive someone after a prolonged stay in the hospital. Once you establish the reasons for ordering the banner, you can think more about the banner specifics like the design, material, content, order lead time, and price.

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The Banner Type

After knowing why you want the welcome home banners, you can decide if you want to display them outdoor or indoor. Typically, for outdoor use, you will need to choose a waterproof material like vinyl that is suitably heavy-duty so that it does not tear, crack, rot, or fade. However, if you want to display the banner indoor, you can use the standard variety of vinyl which is significantly cheaper. If you don’t want an overhead banner, you can also think of a retractable banner that you can place on the ground. Installing it is much easier, and it occupies less space too.

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Decide On the Size

You can get banners in a large assortment of sizes depending on the space available, the content you want to include, and your budget. Generally, banners that are four feet tall by 6 feet wide will more than suffice, but if you want to be extravagant, you can order one as large as 20 feet by 100 feet. However, do keep in mind that you will need assistance to unfold and display large banners. According to Huff Post, the key to selecting the size and placement of the banner is visibility.

Personalize the Design and Message

It can feel more warm and welcoming if you personalize the message. You can consider including the name of the person returning home and a smart and emotional slogan that will tug at the heartstrings of all. Some humor will also be not out of place. Use bold colors to liven up the banner but ensure that the text is large enough and bereft of any embellishments that can make it difficult to read the message. You must make sure that there is a sharp contrast between the text and the background, and the graphics must also not be too complicated.

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A welcome home banner makes the person coming back very special and also acts to announce to everyone how glad people are to see him back. You can design and print these banners quickly and inexpensively.


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