August 16


How to Create Online Signature

An electronic signature enables users to significantly accelerate business processes, thus increasing overall corporate efficiency. If the software in use does not provide such a capability, it is a serious omission that needs to be corrected. Here are five platforms that enable you to create an online signature for your documentation.


This is probably the easiest-to-use platform that doesn’t require special hardware specifications. It is available not only in the desktop version but also in a version for portable gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones. Moreover, the use of gadgets may become compulsory because a camera is required to capture the signature sample, which must be saved in .png format.

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The saved signature can then be embedded into any document that enables such an action. However, the main advantage is that the signature can be uploaded to a website for use online. The platform guarantees data protection by using a high degree of encryption.

The advantages include:

  • it is free;
  • it doesn’t require software installation;
  • It has a user-friendly interface.

Google Services

Google, the digital supergiant for storing information in the cloud and collaborating with documents, doesn’t need an introduction. Most likely, your company already uses this service, so it is a logical move to implement an electronic signature with it.

Unfortunately, Google does not provide any special tools; you will need the draw function to create a signature. However, the service provides for easy integration of third-party solutions, such as PandaDoc.

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The advantages include:

  • it permits the integration of third-party services;
  • the company has a strong reputation;
  • most likely, you already use Google services.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word and its cloud-based version – Word online are still the most common way to manage corporate documents, although Google Doc has challenged its position as the acknowledged leader.

As it is with Google services, if you want to make an electronic signature, you have to take a picture or draw it with the appropriate features, and then paste it into the document as an image. Many find this method not quite convenient, however, it’s manageable with equipment that’s always at hand. Nevertheless, if you need to insert several signatures into one document, there may be inconvenience faced.

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Advantages include:

  • it is easy to use;
  • Word is probably installed in every office.

Quick Look

The Look app on Mac devices not only makes it easy to preview the contents of a file but also allows users to perform some actions without opening the file. One of these actions is creating an electronic signature. To add a signature, you can use the trackpad (draw a signature by hand) or the device’s built-in camera.

The solution works in the Apple environment, which enables synchronization and exchange of saved signature samples between devices. The disadvantage is an extension of the advantage: you need an Apple device to take advantage of this tool.

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Advantages include:

  • integration into the Apple environment;
  • data storage in the cloud.

Adobe Sign

This is a built-in feature of Adobe Acrobat that enables users to efficiently, if not easily, add an electronic signature to a document and store the sample online in the cloud. Adobe’s solutions have proven to be the best. They are implemented on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets based on both Android and iOS.

This option could be called the best, however, a significant disadvantage might be the price that is charged at the end of the one-month trial period. Of course, this is an insignificant detail for large businesses, but for small private enterprises, this argument can be decisive.

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Advantages include:

  • the tool is integrated into the Adobe Acrobat software;
  • it works on all devices running popular operating systems;
  • the online signature is stored in the cloud.

We hope that our tips will help you choose the most suitable solution for creating and storing an online signature.


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