February 10


How to Change the refresh rate of MacBook Pro 16 Inch

Do you know that you can change the refresh rate on your MacBook Pro 16 inch? MacBook Pro 16 inches can change the refresh rate on Apple Pro Display XDR or compatible third-party MacBook pro monitors. 

This feature is beneficial for users who heavily edit videos and want to match the video’s frame rate and display rate. And because of this adjustable refresh rate feature this MacBook is considered as one of the best laptop for video editing by thecrazybuyers. 

How to Change the refresh rate of MacBook Pro 16 Inch

Follow below mentioned steps on compatible monitors.

Step #1: First of all, click on the Apple icon from the menu bar.

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Step #2: Now, click on System Preferences.

Step #3: Next, click on Displays.

Step #4: Up Next, click and hold the Option key.

Step #5: After that, click the scaled button to bring up the refresh rate option from the menu.

Step #6: At last, choose a desired refresh rate option from the drop down. You can select refresh rate for the built-in Retina display or Pro Display XDR:
60 Hertz
59.94 Hertz
50 Hertz
48 Hertz
47.95 Hertz

Once you are done with video editing, we suggest resetting the refresh rate to the default.  The same steps will work on supported external monitors. If you don’t find the refresh rate option, then it means that your system doesn’t support it.

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That’s it!  Do share this guide to your friends and colleagues. 

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