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How Profitable is Virtual Gaming Business in Romania?

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Romania is a beautiful country enriched with lush landscapes, iconic landmarks, and unspoiled history which includes the famous Bran Castle also known as Dracula’s Castle is built.

All forms of wagering in the country of Romania are acceptable and virtual online is legal since the Government of Emergency Ordinance of 2009 made them legit thus Romanians embraced online wagering as part of their culture. The top reasons why punters prefer gambling virtually aside from its accessibility is, of course, their impressive selection of games and bonuses and according to, they have what we are looking for.

Online Casino business in Romania

Like all forms of businesses, the online casino industry is a challenge, especially to new entrepreneurs. So what makes this industry attractive? Its profit and it’s a trend. Statistica show that the global online gambling market reached around $ 59 billion and is anticipated to reach $ 92 billion or more by 2023. These reasons prompted more entrepreneurs to try this business venture.

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Basis steps in opening an online casino

1.    Make a thorough research

It is wise to learn about the industry and as much as possible, sign up in a legit online casino and observe the ins and outs. It is advised that one should know the type of business they are into before making a big decision.

2.    Check your competitors

In every business, there is always a competitor and online casino is not new in the market. Competitors are everywhere globally and some of your future contenders are far more experienced than you do so it is advised that you learn from them and study their platform how their business survived.

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3.    Be flexible

It is good to follow the conventional business type in online wagering but this type of industry is not always steady because it relies on the fast evolution of the technology hence it needs to upgrade every now and then. Aside from that, there might be future clients which cannot always go with the technology therefore your site also must provide another form of software that allows streaming service for them to enjoy the games.

4.    Be aware of the current economy

We are facing various kinds of crises and although many people find solace in betting online, there might be some setbacks economically. We have to consider this fact as well before we take the plunge.

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5.    Get a reliable software

The software is the backbone of the business so it is advised to obtain dependable software which would meet the demands of your future clients.

Listed here are some of the legit and guaranteed best gambling software.

·       Microgaming

·       Playtech

·       BetSof

·       NetEnt

6.    Manage your company

A feasibility study is important to know the movement and the future of your company. Many online casino businesses went bankrupt because of mismanagement thus an effective online casino operator must study and learn the people involved. The key people are:

·       The IT’s

·       Online casino croupiers for Live dealer

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·       Camera people for the Live dealer

·       The customer service

·       The online casino Marketing arm

·       Accounts officer

·       You, the operator of the company

7.    Get a license

Online Casinos in Romania are meticulous in this matter thus proper license is one of the topmost rules in this type of business.

It is advised to secure an ONJN or Oficiul National Pentru Jocuri de Noroc. It is the regulatory body of Romania and is responsible for organizing and enforcing gambling regulations in the country.

8.    Obtain a strong Firewall and SSL

A reliable firewall has the capacity of filtering all virtual threats which attempt to enter the site and immediately eliminates them. The SSL or Secure Sockets Layer can also be found in major banks. The reason for this is it protects the data of both the casino site and the players while securing the internet connection.

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9.    Market your industry

Make your company known. Advertise using Social Media like Facebook or any social media available locally. Make use of the content. Find an active site if possible, a site that can be viewed internationally and accept online casino ads and subscribe for them to write content about it.


Having an online casino business can be challenging in general. Through motivation, patience, and dedication all hard work is going to pay off in the future.

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