June 30


hot exercise

hot exercise It’s something that not many people want to do. This is because exercising in hot weather increases the risk of dangerous heat stroke.


Exercising under hot temperatures for long periods of time This will increase the temperature of the body. The body will try to cool itself out in different ways. But the most effective way is to sweat. It is a hot and humid climate. This will cause the evaporation of sweat is not very good. Therefore, the body must try to sweat more than usual. resulting in various systems The body works harder and also causes the body to lose minerals as well.

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But to stop exercising during the summer is probably not possible. Today we bring you 7 things that you need to know before exercising. In order to exercise to reduce body shape safely.


  1. Wear breathable clothing.

in summer exercise Choosing to wear exercise clothes that are breathable. because of exercise time Body temperature will rise. If wearing clothes that fit or poor ventilation As a result, it can be a risk for heat stroke.


  1. Find a friend to exercise.

Having a friend to exercise with will not only help you get more motivated. It also has a beneficial effect on exercising during hot weather. because it will help to notice any abnormal symptoms and taken to the hospital in time

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  1. Exercise in the summer in the open air.

The open, shaded area is ideal for exercising in the hot summer months. Because if you are in the sun, you may be at risk of heat stroke. It is also best to choose an area where the wind blows through it.


  1. Warm up in the shade

Warming up before the actual exercise This will help reduce injuries that may occur. Therefore, if exercising outdoors You should start warming up in a shady area with cool air. It will be the best preparation for the body before the actual exercise.


  1. Refrain from drinking soft drinks.
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soft drink or caffeinated beverages Will result in the body becoming more dehydrated. So although drinking sodas will help you feel refreshed, the consequences can cause this deficiency. and can be harmful to the body Therefore, it is better to drink water.


  1. Drink water often.

If it’s not too difficult During exercise, sip water often without waiting to feel thirsty. Because drinking water will help keep the body from dehydration. And the body is not too hot as well.

  1. The risk group must be careful about exercising.

People with underlying disease being overweight or too little And pregnant women should be careful about exercise. Because there are quite a lot of risks that are harmful to health. Therefore, if you can exercise lightly at home during this period, it will be the best.

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Although exercise is good for health, what we picked up today is something that should not be ignored. Because even if you want to have a good shape but if it exceeds the limitations of the body What followed was only negative. and possibly even death. So it’s better to keep it than fix it.

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