November 25


Graphic Design Ideas for the 12 Days Before Christmas

In need of graphic design ideas before Christmas? It is not too late to get your holiday branding out there.

Holiday advertising can be tricky because of the immense competition for attention. But with the right holiday branding and marketing strategies, you can use that to your advantage.

One easy way to step up your holiday branding is to use festive colors and imagery. That doesn’t mean you download some random PNGs online then paste it alongside your existing artwork. The most effective holiday graphics cleverly incorporate a creative twist to a recognizable design, such as a logo. Therefore it grabs attention without having to re-introduce the brand.

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Here are 5 graphic design ideas that are perfect for your holiday campaign:

  1. Snow on leaves

If you live in an area where you can see snow, one of the most eye-catching sights are leaves covered in fluffy white powdery snow. These leaves are often found on top of bushes and hedges, so it can be a magical sight indeed.

Something as simple as snow on leaves can let people know that winter is here. It’s a timeless and refreshing take on anything nature-related, making it perfect for fruit and vegetable ads.

  1. Pine tree silhouettes

For many people around the world, Christmas does not feel complete without the presence of pine trees. Their beautiful shape is often used in holiday advertising to capture the spirit of the season. Not only do they bring forth images of wintry forests, but also the charming Christmas tree adorned with enchanting decorations.

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Pine trees are commonly associated with wintertime when their needle-like leaves cover the ground and people hang wreaths on their boughs. Whether in real life or in advertisements, pine trees provide a sense of warmth during this cold time of year.

  1. Brand colors as holiday symbols

Many brands adopt holiday colors to amplify their message. If your existing brand colors already include blue, red, green, white, or gold, it’ll be a lot easier for you to infuse it with the holiday feeling.

So there’s no need to go out and craft a brand new palette for holiday-themed campaigns. Just think of holiday symbols that you can represent with your existing colors.

  1. Products as holiday symbols
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Every holiday season we see a barrage of commercials and advertisements that promote feelings of love and connection.

Sometimes, these feelings are derived from the holidays themselves such as Christmas which represents a time to be merry. Other times, these feelings arise from associated products such as gifts or decorations.

As with the previous design idea, you can use your company’s products, services, or tools as a visual aide for your holiday campaign. Simply think of creative, unique ways to arrange your product so that it alludes to a popular holiday symbol. And there you have it- a holiday graphic that also packs a punch because it directly markets your product as well.

  1. Snow imprints
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Wouldn’t you like to go back in time to relive past Christmases? Christmas, after all, is a time for recollection. What are some of the memories that come to mind when you think about how you and your loved ones celebrated this special time of the year?

The cookies your mom used to make, the Santa suit your dad donned, or maybe the memory of walking outside on a crisp winter morning and creating a snow angel on the ground. Holiday posters that give people warm feelings are a great way to actually connect with your audiences. In particular, memories are a powerful way to tap into these positive emotions.

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There are many graphic design inspirations to choose from when creating your own holiday themed marketing materials. It’s good to remember that the most effective designs will cleverly combine holiday-elements while staying true to your branding style. In fact, it’s a delicate balance to strike! Too much of a change and customers will be left confused and won’t recognize your brand. On the other hand, too little change means that your designs won’t stand out. If you’re looking for a professional graphic design service that takes care of all your holiday marketing needs, then DotYeti is the perfect solution.

At DotYeti, you have access to unlimited graphic designs for an affordable flat monthly rate. Your dedicated designer and Art Director will work with you to ensure that your designs get delivered in under 48 hours, and that they’re visually stunning and on-brand. Whether you’re in the market for social media graphics, logo designs, web design or videos, DotYeti’s creative team has all the bases covered so that you can supercharge your marketing during the holiday season.

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Get to know your creative team today and elevate your holiday marketing to new heights.


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