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Good quality education impact


Students benefit from education in numerous ways, their first accomplishment being academic awakening. Currently, students also have digital or technological awakening because most classes are provided through LMS portals.


Irrespective of the role ERP for school plays some education-related benefits are equal for all students.

Escaping poverty cycle


The poverty cycle is something that people do not understand and believe in either because they are blinded by prejudices or because they are too privileged to put themselves in a situation where they do not recover from initial poverty conditions. The vicious cycle of poverty begins with one poor person who receives a poor quality education, health, and standard of living which leads to an average quality or poor quality of life. this cycle keeps on repeating until they put in an extraordinary amount of effort to recover.

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Good quality education with less opportunity cost helps students escape the Poverty cycle. It increases the productive capacity of an individual, making them more efficient. They can look for better opportunities in life and have a developed intellectual thought process to support this kind of lifestyle. This is one of the most important functions of education, to improve the standard of living of an individual and give them the freedom of choice to avail of the various opportunities provided to them.


This is how students can escape the vicious cycle of poverty through education;

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  • They lead a healthier lifestyle by being aware of health-related risks and eating better quality food even at low costs.
  • Having the opportunity to lead a diverse and experimental life where individuals learn to take in opportunities and grow as an individual.
  • Expense in intellectual, moral, and other values necessary to lead a good life.
  • Networking with a diverse range of students using these networks for personal benefit and to improve social or communicational values.
  • A boost for pursuing passions.
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Escaping the poverty cycle is only the beginning of accomplishment for students, which later escalates into a good line of a career with long-lasting effects on the next generation of people who extend out from this individual.

Personal skill development


Students have unique skillsets, some are good on academic grounds, and others prefer artistic backgrounds. Schools encourage the development of these diversified skills through extracurricular activities besides academic training.


For a majority of their school life, students are subjected to basic training and education, especially in kindergarten and middle schools. In our country, we have three basic divisions of subjects, or streams of subjects namely science, commerce, and arts. Students can choose any subject stream according to their liking and capacity, or career goals in the future. It also depends vastly on their skill sets. A student who is enthusiastic and good in science subjects will be inclined more toward science streams, business-oriented people would be inclined towards commerce, and students with artistic skills preferred arts as a stream of subject.

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Later in life, in college and universities students continue to obtain different degrees for specialization. This specialization is the strength of the student, a subject they like and want to study or establish a career in for the rest of their life.

Economic benefits


Education vastly encourages students economically. Once they have better learning and academic conditions, they can dream of successful careers from which the nation to benefits in terms of intellectual values and financial ones too.


A higher standard of living is mostly related to better financial situations for students in India, and while dreaming of good financial stability they also dream of future career goals.

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Societal benefits


A society that consists of educated and learned individuals believes in unity, a feeling of belonging, positive community values that everyone promotes, empowerment, and equality among individuals. This is followed by low rates of crime, low levels of inequality and biases related to religion or gender, and improved mental health for the people in the society.


We see how education forms the basis of a person’s life, giving them an idea and an opportunity to live in the world successfully. It helps them become the person they are and have a good quality of living through a career setting. Hence, education is not only the means but also the end of people.

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