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Gifts That Speak Volume: Luxurious Gift Optoins On a Budget

The gifting season is officially here, and people are on a shopping spree buying gifts for their family, friends, and colleagues. The year-end usually finds itself with various discounts and offers to ring in the Christmas cheer, and all shopping complexes boast their Christmas-themed decorations. It is nearly impossible to stay away from the festive cheer in Australia, as people spend at least 23.9 billion AUD on Christmas annually. This year’s projections predict an increase, especially in metropolises like Melbourne and Sydney. Most people splurge on gifts to show their love or as a means of emphasising their tastes. While luxury gifting may seem expensive, several brands like SOH Melbourne have a range of extravagant products for everyone. But luxury gifting is not about the price tag and more about the gift itself. An array of gifting options exist today, and gift choices are essential in defining their taste.

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Gifting is a tradition from ages ago and always signified the bond between two or more people. People usually gave items they thought the other person would cherish the most. But today, it also reflects an additional layer of the buyer’s knowledge or appreciation of the receiver’s tastes or wishes. While this may make gift buying an overwhelming task, here is a list of classy gifts that are sure to win hearts.


Alcoholic Beverages

Wine, champagne, brandy, whisky, and other alcohol are excellent gift options, as most people have a poison of their choice. These beverages come gift-wrapped and as gift baskets, making them easier to gift. A range of brands and types are available within a beverage range, expanding one’s options. Wine has the primary categories – red, white, and pink; it can also have different flavours like grape wine, fruit wine, etc. People also have their preferences in the beverage range, but classics like wine are usually a safe choice. They are also available in various budgets, allowing people to pick one that suits their budget.

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Bath And Body

A self-care kit is a recent gifting trend, and most brands cater to this festive season by curating gift baskets of their best products. These baskets themselves look elegant, and the products also have festive packaging that complete the look. These kits usually include bath products like body washes, scrubs, cleansers, shampoos, masks, and more. The care range includes facial masks or sheets, creams, serums, toners, etc. They may also include accessories like brushes, combs, facial rollers, scrubbers, etc. People can also opt for makeup baskets that come with an assortment of makeup products and tools that make for a perfect gift as they come in sets.

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Fragrance or “Parfum”

Parfum and Eau de Toilette are not standard deodorants or perfumes and are a luxury range of fragrances. Several celebrities have their custom fragrance brand that they curate themselves, which offer unique fragrances unavailable elsewhere. Some of these fragrances are affordable, and their custom fragrance notes make them a customised gift for the individual. These fragrances also last longer than the average perfume, making them a practical gift.



A calm and soothing environment at home or office is a gift like no other. Aromatherapy is an expanse of a gifting range, with endless products like mists, potpourri, scented candles, incense, reed sticks, and more. These products aim to spread healing aromas within a space while providing several health benefits. The aromatherapy range is a thoughtful gift as it looks exquisite and offers several benefits, making it the whole package. With the average Australian spending almost 1200 AUD every year on Christmas for gifts, food, and more, aromatherapy is affordable. Brands like SOH Melbourne provide a complete range of aromatherapy products, allowing people to finish their Christmas shopping in one place.

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