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Do You Need a Private Proxy?

Online security is becoming a popular concept for different e-Commerce businesses in various industries, with brands that pay no mind to it paying dearly with their most sensitive data.

This data, in turn, is exploited and used to commit crimes or target individuals or companies. Generally speaking, it is now impossible for enterprises to ignore this area and leave it to chance.

There is now an ever-increasing need to use some form of protection and security when interacting with the internet.

And one of the best ways to do this is to use proxies. In this brief passage, we will discuss what proxies and private proxies are and the main reasons why businesses have to use them.

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What Are Proxies?

Proxies are best defined as computing devices or machines that connect internet users and their target destinations.

They are highly-sophisticated intermediaries that can stand anywhere between a user and the web to provide anonymity, security, and protection, amongst other things.

To this end, they are crucial for several important business operations, such as web scraping or web crawling.

Both processes involve the act of collecting data from the internet in large quantities, and proxies help to ensure the user stays concealed during the whole operation while also boosting speed, performance and productivity.

In the case above, proxies can also play the special role of removing limitations and granting the user access to even the most restricted website and content.

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In summary, proxies keep the users safe while smoothing the path to any online operation regardless of location.

What Are Private Proxies?

Private proxies are also known as dedicated proxies and are defined as proxy servers used by one user at a time.

They are usually allocated by a single user who has full control and rights over the pool of internet protocol (IP) addresses and locations. This provides more options when the need for the highest level of anonymity arises.

Additionally, the user enjoys the full bandwidth all by himself, which translates into more speed and faster operations with lesser chances of failed connections. Click here to read more relevant information about private proxies.

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There are several benefits of private proxies, including the following:

  1. The Best Security and Protection

One of the most attractive aspects of using a private proxy is that you are the only user and, as such, do not share the IP with anyone. The absence of other users from the network increases the chances of staying protected while eliminating any risks from sharing sensitive details.

  1. Larger Pool Size

Private proxies are also recommended because they bless the user with everything they offer. The user has a large pool of IP addresses to pick and choose from.

This is necessary for operations that require switching to a different IP regularly.

  1. The Best Speed
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Private proxy servers are also incredibly fast. As dedicated tools, all the bandwidth at its disposal is offered to a single user making connections faster and smoother. This leads to better productivity and improved brand performance.

Main Reasons for Using Private Proxies

There are several reasons why businesses must use proxies, and in the absence of these tools, the brand could suffer irreparable damages:

  1. Online Security and Protection

The most common use of proxies and other related tools is to help the user stay safe and secured while navigating the internet.

Proxies perform this important task by giving the user a different IP address while concealing the user’s original IP.

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IPs are generally used to connect to the internet, but they are also used to identify users easily and direct attacks.

By hiding the user’s original IP, proxies make it impossible to identify them or reach them with any harmful content.

  1. Anonymous Browsing

Proxies are also commonly used to carry out anonymous browsing. This is the process of browsing the internet without being seen.

Businesses generally use it to monitor their competition and collect relevant market data.

By helping the user stay hidden, proxies make it possible to carry out any operation without being seen or traced back to you.

  1. Better Speed and Performance

In a world of so much competition, speed and better performance cannot be overstated.

Without speed, activities occur slowly, wasting time and other resources. Data is also collected less than in real-time, making it less accurate or valid.

Proxies help companies achieve things faster by boosting their internet connection and increasing the brand’s performance.

  1. Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Geo-restrictions are measures and techniques used to prevent certain users from reaching different platforms. The technique uses the user’s location, which can be easily extracted from his IP.

Once the user is identified to be browsing from a forbidden location, a partial or complete block is placed on the user.

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This can be demoralizing for the user, especially businesses. It could mean they will be unable to view or extract the data that can help influence their growth and expansion.

Proxies eliminate this issue by giving the user different IPs and locations to choose from. The user can then switch to a new location if the old one is restricted from accessing important datasets.


Proxies are necessary for several business operations, such as increasing security, boosting speed, and harvesting important data from blocked locations.

And the question of whether or not you need a proxy is often answered by considering your business without it. But whether or not you need private proxies will depend on how serious your business operations are and whether you have the budget, as they often cost more than regular or shared proxies.

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