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Different Types of Cat Treats and the Best Ones to Give Them

Apart from their normal meal, animals also love a bit of a treat. Both dogs and cats are famous for this. If there is anything that they love the most, when being rewarded for good behavior or doing a trick and also for some positive reinforcement, it’s a treat. The good news is that not only do canines have these, but pet stores and online stores stock these goodies for cats as well.

It is also a great way to maintain their oral hygiene as you will read in this article. When you buy the right one, i.e. a healthy, nutritious option, it can add essential nutrients to their lifestyle and diet and is also a popular way of giving them their medication during times of recovery from illness or injury. The point to note is that you should not overdo it, as mentioned here, because it could risk making them overweight.

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There are many selections of various cat treats that you can find in stores and the below information is a great way to choose the one that’s right for your feline, whether he is a grown cat or a kitten.


Choosing The Right Cat Food

Alongside the below possibilities, you should be giving them a nutritious meal as well. Their needs are different from ours and if you’re not careful you could be filling them with foods that make them unhealthy, which is why you need to pay heed to what’s in their tins or bags. This article mentions the right blend of foods that are beneficial for them: https://www.pfma.org.uk/whats-in-cat-food

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Overall, the best way to choose any of their food options is if it ticks the majority of these items:

  1. If it is Palatable – ask yourself if it will be appealing enough for them to eat it, if you’re not sure try a sample on them and see if they clean their plate.
  2. It Should Be Balanced – not only should it have all the right nutrients, but they should also be in the correct proportions.
  3. It Has to Be Complete – the number of nutrients provided in one meal should also be enough i.e. of the required daily amount
  4. Is it Easy To Digest – if your cat throws up their food after eating it, it’s a big no. make sure they do digest it after consumption and can do it completely to absorb all the essential nutrients in it.
  5. Is It Safe – many products on the shelves are not entirely safe for pets, they contain fillers, harmful ingredients and toxic substances. If you do not understand the labelling, make sure you do some research about it to find out what it is, and if it is dangerous.
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Various Types of Cat Treats

Do you want to give your kitty a bit of a snack? Or help him in his training? Perhaps yours is an old feline and he needs a softer chew to help his weak teeth or a harder one for that matter. Whatever your reason for buying them an extra something, knowing what options you have can help save you some money, as well as add some extra enjoyment into the life of your pet.

Based on your moggy’s diet, lifestyle or medical history, you can choose any of the below:

Dietary options – Moggies with weight problems, medical or nutrition issues can benefit from these types of dietary selections. This is because the majority of the reputable brands that sell them infuse them with added nutrients such as minerals, proteins ad vitamins, which can help towards proper nourishment.

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Hard or Crunchy Types – the most common ones you will find are these hard or crunchy ones. if yours has healthy teeth and is an adult, then you can easily introduce it to them as an extra enjoyment in between meal times.

Soft Chews – if your cat has dental issues or perhaps even sensitive teeth, which is common in some breeds and also comes with age, these would be an easier option for them to chew and digest.

Dental Treats – As an extra precautionary measure for their teeth, these dental chews can help remove some of the plaque that generally forms in their mouth. However even though they are dental chews, they should not be a substitute for brushing their teeth.

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CBD Options – As you have probably heard by now, CBD is one of the best sources of a natural healthy alternative for both humans and our pets. It is used holistically, as well as to treat certain health conditions and is now created in the form of a cat treat.

If your kitty is suffering from anxiety, pain, discomfort or even needs a bit of relaxation, this can be a great addition to his day. It has no side effects and when you buy it from a reputable source like the cat treats holistapet varieties, they come in different flavours, strengths and formats and you may not need to get them any additional vitamins or supplements.

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Especially in cases when you adopt a kitten, they can sometimes be prone to getting easily scared of loud noises, a new environment, strangers and other pets around the house, and giving them a CBD infused biscuit can help calm them down and relax their jumpiness.

Lickables – created for licking instead of chewing, some lickable varieties help those that cannot chew their hard food. They are usually cheaper than any of the other selections, however, these have no nutritional value to the felines.

Homemade – because it is hard to ensure that you are giving your pet a healthy treat, what with all the harmful ingredients that producers add to their foods, you can also make them at home yourself. This way you know exactly what’s in the item and you can also place a few drops of CBD oil for pets, inside to give it a bit of a healthy kick.

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The best is always to stick to the most natural and least artificial types of edibles.

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