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Customized engagement ring in Singapore

Buying an engagement for your significant other is one of the biggest milestones of your life. It’s important to choose the right ring for you and to think carefully about how this will change your partner’s life as well. Before choosing a ring, it makes sense to know what engagement rings are and learn more about this special jewelry in general. In particular, when buying an engagement ring, you should make sure it can be customized with diamonds or precious gems that reflect the uniqueness of your relationship with your loved one while remaining consistent with your overall style.

Ways to customize your engagement diamond ring

  1. Engraving with Milgrain
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Engraving is an elegant and unique way to customize your engagement ring. Laser engraving is the most popular since can be done in as little time as five seconds, but it can also be done by hand-engraving or even goldsmith carving. According to JANNPAUL (https://www.jannpaul.com/customised-diamond-engagement-proposal-rings-singapore), engraving your ring with words or symbols that have meaning to you and your partner will make this engagement a true one-of-a-kind ring that symbolizes your everlasting love for each other.

  1. Celtic design diamond rings

Celtic design diamond rings have become a perennial favorite for many. The Celtic influence in the looks of this ring is also present in the custom-made design. Surrounding diamonds are not inscribed but engraved. A ring like this will last you a lifetime, and it is the perfect symbol of your commitment to one another.

  1. Marquise diamond rings
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The marquise cut diamond is actually a special shape of the diamond. If you want to create your own marquise diamond ring, you could choose a standard size for the center stone and then get it cut to your desired width. The result will be a truly unique and customized engagement ring in singapore that will be perfect for you and your partner.

  1. Use seed pearls or heart-shaped pearls

Customized engagement rings today come in an amazing variety, but none quite like this! Heart-shaped seed pearls are meant to symbolize love and commitment, which is why we suggest you choose your special heart-shaped pearl to engrave on your ring instead of a standard round-shaped pearl.

  1. Slot-in customized rings
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slot-in custom ring also allows you to customize a ring with an additional stone. We can also make you a custom diamond/gemstone engagement ring for your loved one. If you have time, and if diamonds are your thing, we could engrave them and we will have them set into the band of your choice.

  1. Customized ring with initials

By using initials, you can create a unique and memorable ring that embodies the essence of your relationship. We can arrange for your partner’s initials to be engraved on the inside of the band, and it will be so personalized that no one will be able to tell.

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Customizable rings give you the perfect opportunity to express your love towards one another, while still retaining your style just by choosing a ring with a specific look and shape. If you want to bring some character and passion into your life and make your engagement ring a truly unique custom creation, we are the perfect choice for you.

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