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Brazilian weaving: Quality hair strands 100% natural

Suitable for almost all hair types, Brazilian hair/weaving is a very popular quality hair extension technique. These extensions are known for their luxurious appearance and are ideal for people who want discreet additions. However, the maintenance of the Brazilian weave requires special care, especially if the product you have purchased is not of high quality.

If you are thinking of getting a Brazilian weave, here is a complete guide: origins, installation and maintenance advices, criteria to make the right choice (choice of color, purchase of an individual product or by batch, choice of size and type of closure, etc); we give you more details about this technique and this particular natural product which is made of human hair

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Definition and origins of Brazilian weave

Contrary to what one might think, Brazilian weaving does not originate from Brazil, but from India. Another particularity of this weave: it has a grade (classified 5A or 8A) which indicates if the weave is mixed, in other words if it is a mixture of synthetic and human hair (the more the grade will be important and close to 8A, the more your weave will be composed of natural hair).

The Brazilian weave fits almost all hair types: frizzy, curly, afro, straight, curly…

Brazilian weave vs. classic weave: what is the difference?

Unlike the classic weaves, the Brazilian weave has not undergone any coloring and very few treatments. The pose between these two techniques is also different.

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Brazilian weaving : what are the steps of installation ?

The first step of a Brazilian weave is the smoothing of your natural hair. This will create lines on which your extensions will be sewn with needles and thread. To bring a natural effect and to give the impression that you do not wear additions, the hairdresser will leave natural wicks on the front, the back and the side.

As you can see, Brazilian weaving is a technique that requires a certain know-how and can only be done by a professional hairdresser.

How long does a Brazilian weave last?

It is recommended to keep a Brazilian weave between 6 and 8 weeks, especially if you want to let your natural hair grow. If you decide to keep your weave longer, do not exceed 4 months at the risk of damaging your natural lengths and especially buy a quality product.

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During the installation of your weave, do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice. He will be able to inform you about the “ideal duration” of your Brazilian weave. This professional will also be able to change the color, the volume, the closure or the length of your product. This is low maintenance and affordable: on most sites, the product is available in stock immediately (no pre-order) and delivery is often free!

The different types of Brazilian weaves

Brazilian weaving allows you to change your head easily and according to your desires. But what are the differences between the different types of Brazilian weaves and the different product packages you can find in specialized stores?

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The smooth Brazilian weave is made with quality hair: hair coming from a human. This smooth weave is offered in several lengths and with this type, coloring and bleaching are easier. This weave is also easily manipulated and can become wavy or curly without any problem. Easy to look like a real Brazilian!

Brazilian wavy weave is also easy to maintain. Brushing and washing are very important to keep the weave looking good. This type of weave can be colored, but also straightened to change your hairstyle easily.

The curly Brazilian weave, which allows the person to bring a certain volume to his hair. As for the other Brazilian weaves, the curly requires maintenance. And if you want a new shade, this weave can be colored without any problem.

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Which strands to choose?

The three qualities of strands generally used are :

– RemyHair: This indicates that the strands have kept their cuticles intact. They are also aligned in the same direction. According to the professionals, the Remy Hair Deep wave is known to last longer and to be used several times. On these Remy Hair Deep wave highlights, coloring and curling can be considered without any problem. On the other hand, this type of strands is offered at a higher price than the others.

– Non Remy: very used, these highlights have the tips and roots mixed so that the hair does not go in all directions. For this type of strands, the cuticles and the ends of the hair have been shaved off, which allows the hair not to tangle, unlike the RemyHair. Non-Remy locks are sold at a more affordable price.

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– Virgin locks: these meet strict standards. For this type, the cuticles are intact and oriented in the same direction. Virgin locks come from a single human donor, so we know the details of their origin better.

Full lace or lace wigs: what is it?

As you probably know, the choice of your wig is above all a personal choice. You must feel comfortable with your wig so that it looks as natural as possible and is therefore unnoticeable. There are many different types of wigs and techniques used to make them. Here we present the advantages of full lace wigs, also known as Full Lace wigs.

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Features, advantages and disadvantages of a Full Lace wig

What is a full lace wig? Actually, a Full Lace wig is somewhat comparable to a Lace Front wig, in the sense that the same technique is used. The difference is that in the case of the Lace Front wig, only the front is made of lace. In a Full Lace wig, it is the entire cap that is made of lace.

A full lace wig is a natural hair wig where each hair is tied, fixed manually and individually on the entire cap. The front, the back, the crown, the top, the whole is made of lace.

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