October 25


Best Ways to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook is such an incredible social media platform. Among all the social media platforms that we have come across, Facebook is definitely the first which become popular and got most people in the world onto social media. It became such a website which was so popular because the youth was hooked on it, hence the other generations could not resist it. Now, after decades of its existence, the world of Facebook has reached someplace else from where it started. Just like anything else, the way people operate it and are affected by it has also changed.

First people mostly saw the upside and they were mostly happy about the platform, but as time went by and more people joined it people started seeing the negative side. Hence, people started deleting their Facebook account, either permanently or temporarily. However, that is not the long-term solution and users are aware of this fact, that is why questions are frequently asked about how can one recover the disabled Facebook account.

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Now, there are very few users who are fully aware of the process of recovering a disabled Facebook account and hence we bring to you this article. This article will inform you about how can one recover your Facebook account, but before that let’s make sure that you know why do users delete their accounts in the first place.

Why do people delete their Facebook account?

There are numerous reasons why people end with a disabled Facebook account and in this article, we will go through all of them so you can know about it. This will help users and might stop deactivating their Facebook account unnecessarily. 

  1. The first reason is something that we read a lot about online already, there are many users who might have more spotlight than others and they have talked about it as well. This reason is that as everyone has an outlet to explain their point of view, some people misuse it and bully people online. This is unfortunate and should be stopped, but the sad part is that users are forced to deactivate their accounts. 
  2. The second reason could be more rational and internal in a way that people are leading exhausting lives and might need a break. This is something that people have used a lot as a reason when they are disabling their Facebook account. 
  3. Another big reason why people would want to disable their Facebook account could be that they might be making another account to use Facebook. This is something that people use when first made their account early on and now want to shift, also sometimes people want to focus on another account, as some people handle different accounts to reach different groups of people.
  4. These are just a few of those reasons that people might use to disable their Facebook account. There are more reasons which you might find in Facebook while you are actually disabling your account. Now, that you know the basics about this, you must move on to the process of recovering your Facebook account. 
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How to recover your disabled Facebook account?

Now, we come to one of the most parts of the article, in this section, we will discuss the processes which you can use to recover your Facebook account. It does matter if you’re writing ‘Facebook disabled my account’ and are looking for an answer or you disabled it temporarily and want to enable it again. 

If you have disabled your own Facebook account and now you wish to enable it then all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Facebook webpage first, perhaps then you must click on the login option. 
  2. You will see a field where you can add the username or password that you have chosen for Facebook. 
  3. Now, you must click on Login, that’s it, all you have to do is click on the button to enter into your Facebook account again. 
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Next, we must discuss what one must do when Facebook disables their account. Follow these steps and enable your disabled Facebook account. 

  1. Make sure that your account has indeed been disabled by Facebook. 
  2. Now, you must appeal to the Facebook help page. Once you appeal you will need to submit a few credentials of your Facebook account. 
  3. This information includes your email address and your Facebook password.
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