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Best 15 Sites To Buy TikTok Followers Without Getting Banned

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Have you ever thought of buying tiktok likes and wondered if it is safe and if there were a legit platform that you can trust.

Are you looking for Best sites to buy tiktok followers ? then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will be writing about 25 of such platforms that we have researched and found to be legit and trustable platforms.

Of course, a few are better in terms of customer  service, or better quality, but none will cheat you off your money.

The article will look at four main categories to review each site;

  • Service
  • Quality
  • Pricing
  • Reviews

Also, regardless of which place or what platform it is, you can be sure that we have only chosen the platforms that guarantee you the safety of purchasing not just tiktok followers but any other product as well.

In fact, buying tiktok followers, or likes will not cause any problems as long as you deal with legit platforms like this. So, rest assured knowing in your heart that these  are the safest platforms, and we are starting with the best one that has it all covered.

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A website with great service and great products that is really hard to beat. Pubtok in fact, offers quite a variety of products both free and paid.

This is the only site we have come across that offers free tiktok views and likes. The rarity of it is that you might find some other sites online that may seem to offer you such products. But they usually don’t work. But with Pubtok it does 100% of the time.

Speaking of high quality service, the product’s quality is of high level as well. If you were to buy tikto k followers, you would definitely buy the best tiktok followers available in the market.

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When it comes to talking about reviews and reputation, their trustpilot page has  garnered quite the number of positive reviews. With every other company there are a few negative feedbacks and people leaving 3-4 on their but the vast majority seems to be utterly pleased with the company.

The number of available payment options for the convenience  of the visitors. You could pay with Cards, E-wallets, and crypto. So, basically if you want tiktok followers, they will find a way to let you buy it regardless of what you wish to pay with.


Likigram is also a platform that offers more than just the  tiktok products. Although their trustpilot page has only 3 stars, the site is safe to shop.  And the offers on the platforms vary in kind and in degree, and encompass almost all the platforms.

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When it comes to pricing, some of the products are a bit more expensive than the  market average and while the others are on the average line. So, visitors won’t really be disappointed with the pricing, and if you are to want only for a certain kind

The payment options available are as much as the other platforms as well. You could buy with credit cards to e-wallets like paypal  to bitcoin.

The site has royalty bonuses and giveaways both which features we were not able to test but can deduce from the other things in the site that they are working.

The biggest disadvantage our research yielded was the fact that it did seem to have many platforms and many products, but only certain things work. We could have tested each and every product, but it is something to mention.
If you are looking for something and it takes you to another page, it only means that they are not selling that very product.

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Buy social buzz

BuySocialBuzz offers a lot of products like our first Feedpixel, but lacks the number of payment options that are available on the first platform.

However as a platform, the site is  secure and safe to shop. The site doesn’t  have the best reviews though. It doesn’t have the trustpilot page at all, and is considered to have a low score in scamadviser.

Some of the products of the site are priced relatively low compared to the other platforms in the market. And they offer sales and a vast majority of the products that they have.

An advantage that not a lot of other platforms have is that they have chat support. This is a great feature because it allows you to talk to people and decide what is better to buy and not only that but also find out if the platform really has people managing it behind.

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Another site that not just allows you to purchase tiktok followers safely and cheaply, but also offers great customer service. This is probably among the best sites on our list with the  best reviews on trustpilot as well.

When, we talk about the service, the quality of hte products, and the pricing should also be mentioned. Because after all if the company has the best service but not the best product, this means but little.

With feedpixel, this is not an idea, the company offers high quality tiktok followers, likes, and other products of other platforms.

The prices on the products are not too high, they are actually on the cheaper side when you compare with other platforms.

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If we are to tackle the most interesting question of all this paragraph, the site is safe. It offers multiple options for payments from credit cards to paypal to crypto. They have a solid refund policy with clear instructions.

In short this is a site with a high level of service and pricing with quality products and that is secure to shop.


Tokrush is another platform that offers not just tiktok followers, but a variety of tikokt products like views and likes. 

It is a website with focus on tiktok thus offers rare things like shares and comments and so on. So, if you were to want to buy shares or promotions, perhaps buy them in a package, tokrush is a great platform to stop by.

But if we are to go back to our metrics of review and talk about starting with service. Tokrush does a great job. The website is clean and offers chat support, which is already a feature that most other platforms don’t have.

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The quality of the service is good, and can become great when we take into consideration the price they offer. This is one of the rarest sites that offer likes as low as 20 to up to as many as you like.

Usually within this industry there are only a few platforms that offer such low amounts of likes because that amount and the price attached with it will hardly make the bank which is why they usually offer only at high prices.


Getviral promises  virality in not just the tiktok domain but also in many others. Their count of platforms on the offer are some of the most used and demanded. The service is on the same level with other platforms. They at least have the chat, and they seem to reply soon.

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The process of ordering itself seems quite simple and straightforward. And the quality of the likes or the  followers are very good too.

The only big advantage is that they don’t have as many different ways of payment. They only offer two options  and lack the possibility to pay with paypal.

When it comes to reviews of the site as well, there is something sneaky going on. Because there is not one getviral on trustpilot and the ones with such a name all have bad reviews. So, we decided to check it on scamadviser.

Getviral has a score of 55, which is not ideal ,but still not too shabby, it just means perhaps they let some customers down or perhaps, they don’t always work under the same standards.

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Tokupgrade is a platform that focuses heavily on tiktok and offers pretty much all the titok products. However the biggest difference between them and the other platforms seem to be that they are subscription based. You can only buy weekly or monthly packages.

Due to the difference in the mode of business they offer it is hard to identify how good their service is and they also don’t have a chat support to help the visitors to  ask questions or clear their minds.

The pricing had the same issue, if the platform offers say 100 likes, then we could compare it to other platforms that offer the same amount and see which one offers cheaper. But in their case, it is hard to see that.

When it comes to the reviews, especially on trustpilot, they just seem to be not doing well. They have only three stars and a lot of negative comments.

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The payment options lack the variety offered by most of their competitors. This is sad news  to hear, especially after learning about their bad reputation.


The next on our list is another platform that offers quite the number of products, like tiktok views like and more. However this platform also focuses on tiktok only.

This is a platform that heavily reminds us of the one that came just before. They are also subscription based and offer similar pricing. Ironically they both have bad reviews on trustpilot. No, actually toksocial only has one review.

When it comes to the quality and the service, toksocial doesn’t offer chat support and the copyright is from 2020.  

What is the most intriguing is that they are still working and will answer your emails, and if you are to buy something that will be delivered to you. So, they are still functioning and working.

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They also have been featured on a few places online which furthermore proves their  existence.


PlentyGram is a platform that offers a number of other products apart from tiktok like instagram. The business model of the site looks and acts very much like the one from above, except instead of weekly and monthly, they have packers for daily likes and followers. However, we were not able to find the difference between the  daily and one time deals.

Talking about the service of the site, they don’t have chat support, and the cookes notification panel is fixed and annoying stays  there until you press accept. It is impossible to press any other thing and let it be dismissed. It is almost like cheating at this point.

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When it comes to the pricing on this platform, they seem to be quite on the higher end. Especially when we have listed a platform like Pubtok that offers free tiktok likes everyday, it just makes no sense to buy them for $13 bucks. Because that is how much 1000 views cost there.

Apart from piring and the number of payment options available on the platform is a limited number which is again bad news.


One of the few platforms that we were quite satisfied with  in terms of many aspects of research is Tikfuel. Of course it is not the best or something worth talking about on top of the article, but when compared to the previous platforms, this is really something better.

Tikfuel also focuses on mainly the tiktok platforms’s products. Before we talk about things like the quality and the pricing it is important to mention that the platform doesn’t have chat support. This is a valuable feature for platforms to have as it increases the service level of the site.

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When it comes to the reviews, the site doesn’t even have a trustpilot page. But it has a trust score of 85 on scamadviser which somehow calms our hearts.

But the pricing is not that competitive, it is not expensive. But it could probably have been cheaper. Overall the platform is a solid marketplace to buy tiktok followers and more.


A platform with an interesting name that also sells tiktok likes, followers and more. Bouxtie operates on the same modal as the some of the best sites to buy tiktok followers we have discussed, meaning they are not subscription based.

If we are to start talking about service, they are as good as the first few top sites on our list. They offer chat support, and in fact talk back. Although we have not touched on this point before as an example of a good service, it might just now be time. And it is the number of available discounts and coupon codes.

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They have very competitive pricing as well. 100 tiktok likes could cost you only about .69 cents. That is a good deal, if you want to get some likes, views and followers from time to time.

But we don’t want to get started  with the reviews, especially on trustpilot. They are very poor, literally. They have a few reviews and most of them have given one start while on the least of them have been given 4 stars, not even 5.


Famoid is a platform that offers services like instagram, facebook, and youtube services, surely tiktok as well. The site looks neat and well, and surely as something that is worth noting too.

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In regards to the quality they promise the best and seem very confident in that promise as well. This is further enhanced by the fact that they have paypal as the method of payment. It is really hard to understand why some of those platforms don’t even have paypal.

Pricing thought is not as competitive as the top guys in the industry. They have the most average of prices and with a claim for the best quality.

The worst part again seems to be the reviews. This is a recurring issue with many of the platforms we have reviewed. They all have bad reviews of course except for a few from the start. Famoid was not an exception.

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One thing I noticed is that this is a platform that offers 100k+ views on tiktok. This is something that is rare to come, we have not tested but it just seems unreal to be able to do that. But they have this that separates  them from others.


Amfluence is a great platform to grow your tiktok followers and likes. Unlike any other platform we have discussed so far the work in an absolutely different way.  They offer subscriptions but not based on the number of likes or followers you buy, but based  on how many hours you will be working with them.

It is hard to understand, because we were not able to test it, but  from what  we gather, they are like social media assistants. They help you with strategy, consulting, and growth.  But if you are looking to just straight up buy some likes or tiktok followers. Then this platform would not really work.

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When it comes to the reviews, they only have two of them on trustpilot.  One is 1 star  the other  is 5 stars. By this, it is really hard to understand if they have the best service or the worst.  But we can safely deduce they try.

However the prices are too high. It is so expensive that you might consider hiring your friend or something that you know as an assistant rather than trusting this platform. But they have a list of professionals who have been doing this for a while and may know a thing or two.


Trolishly is another one of such platforms that focus  not only on tiktok but  on a few other platforms at the same time. The platforms offer various types of series for platforms like Instagram, Facebook  Youtbe, and surely the tiktok itself.

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This is a great platform where buying tiktok followers could form one to two steps only. As good as their service may be, they don’t offer chat support.

If we are to talk about  the reviews too, they are not quite as good as you would expect a platform like this would have. Because they don’t even have a trustpilot page.

However, the scamadviser score makes up for all the potentially lost trust on trustpilot, since they have 100 score.

Overall trollishly seems to have everything in order and working just fine, they have a big variety, quality service and products, and reviews. It might just be one of the best sites to buy tiktok followers after those we have discussed in the beginning.


This is the last platform that is on our list that we have researched and found to be safe to shop for tikto kfollowers, likes and views.

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This is probably the only platform that has its phone number right up on the screen. Well you could find the phones of other  platforms with other sites, it’s just that they hseme to have it right on top which just kind of speaks of confidence.

They also have chat support and reply to your enquiries. The website is also neatly organized and includes all the necessary information about a certain product. You just need to go to the page of the platform you want to buy likes or followers for. Then choose the package and enter the clink right there. It is a very convenient site.

In terms of the reviews and the trust, it was a bit suspicious when they did not have any profiles, but moving over to the scamadviser we found that they had 60 trustscore.

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The only thing that they lack like many of the other companies is that they don’t have paypal as a payment method. Other than that, the site is solid and safe.

To  Wrap up

To conclude our piece on the best 15 sites to buy tiktok followers, we can choose any of them with ease in your heart and trust the seller.

Although there were just a few among them with average reviews, bad reviews, there were even the ones which had no accounts on trustable review websites like trustpilot.

But we can assure that you won’t get banned if you buy something from them. Before we let you go, a simple piece of advice: start checking the platforms or trying them from the top, for we have been a bit biased and placed the best among  the best sites to buy tiktok followers on the top of our article.

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