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Benefits and Importance of Motivation

Discussing motivation, everyone really needs encouragement in psychological terms. Especially when the self feels down and requires other spirits to be encouraged to move on with life. Motivation has its own benefits. As follows are some of the benefits of motivation for yourself. You can get some inspirational quotes on our website.

Motivation as a driver of action

In this case, motivation plays an important role in carrying out each person’s actions. Like, initially an employee does not want to do one particular job, but because he knows the impact that will occur then no matter how difficult it will still be done. So, motivation as a driver of this action can influence what actions will be taken next after feeling the urge within.

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Motivation as an Actor of Action

When feeling lazy comes to you, then comes the motivation to drive yourself to plan to do something. After that, start your subconscious move to do something. This is what is called the motivator of action.

Motivation as Director of Deeds

Motivation like this determines what needs to be done and done that is supportive to achieve the goal. Like, when you feel the biggest thing in yourself when doing something. So that feeling lazy, bored, and whatever it is become defeated with that sense of motivation.

Motivation does not have to be given to children, but adults also need someone’s psychological impulse. In fact, it can become a great power hidden within. Everyone who gets a psychological boost will make the days more colorful and vibrant in every way. Basically, motivation can increase initiative from certain activities and perseverance in these activities. Motivation can also influence the learning strategies and cognitive processes of a person’s efforts to achieve what is desired.

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Motivation is divided into two following division of motivation that has never been known.

– Intrinsic motivation or internal orientation motivation means that a person shows a desire to do something without outside encouragement.

– Extrinsic motivation, is when someone’s response refers to an external impulse. For example, when you are lazy, coworkers suddenly give encouragement, and that’s when you respond.

Sometimes, you must have considered yourself to be very weak and meaningless. At times like this, all you need is the motivation that can make you better. With motivation, then you will feel more confident than before. Motivation is what you need. Visit our website to get a lot of valuable motivational speeches so that you can be better than before and can build your self-potential better.

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In life, you also need a mindfulness attitude. Mindfulness is an attitude of full awareness of the self at this time, not looking into the past or the future. Focus on what is being lived at this time and do your best to reap satisfying reciprocity in the future. To apply it, in addition to the right motivation, you also have to do some of these things

– Think positively that you can do it

There is something that makes you doubt, believe it will have no effect. Doubt is just a wall that prevents you from acting. Embed that you can do your best, good results or disappointments are a later matter.

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– Dare to appreciate the results of your own and others’ efforts

Give appreciation to yourself or others for the effort and results made. You have become the best version of yourself, and show an attitude of respect for others who have also tried something.

– Accept reality as it is

Accept with an open mind that what is being experienced right now is a form of self-awareness of yourself. Good facts will make you grateful, and if the reality is bad then you will be patient. Let all the things that come flow into his mouth.

– Open minded

Being open to an event or phenomenon at this time will make you not judge the event as good or bad. Thus life will feel calm and give the mind space to dig deeper consciously about what is happening now. That’s where we will respond to what must be done right away.

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– Focus at this time

Focus your mind on what you are doing right now, fully aware that you are living life right now. Do not look to the past or to an imaginary future. Doing the best right now will certainly have a good impact on the future. Maintain to always walk and try for now rather than always have to look to the past.

Thinking positively about life means thinking positively about yourself. Thinking that you can’t afford it will really hinder any effort you put into it. Why bother doing what you think you can’t do? The answer is, because you can. Try to remember your success again before starting. What are your experiences? What are the greatest things you have done so far? What sources do you have? Think back to all your accomplishments in the past. What are the reasons that could prevent you from achieving your current desires?! You’ve done the same thing before.

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