September 30


Beam-Hopping Technology to Aid in Further Exoplanet Atmosphere Exploration

UK satellites are making headlines as the country draws near to realizing a UK rocket launch vision. The satellites will make it possible to explore distant planet atmospheres.

The UK has grand ambitions for its space industry. Plans are underway by four tech companies to develop and launch a beam-hoping satellite. The UK satellites will give the country the ability to explore life on other planets.

Many countries hold exoplanets exploration ambitions, and the UK is not one to be left behind. With funding from the UK Space Agency, four companies are developing revolutionary technology.

The beam-hoping satellite will not only come of use in disasters and for better communication but as a way to explore distant planets.

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Discovery of 12 Exoplanets by NASA

The technological advancement comes at a time when NASA is making discoveries. Recently, it came upon 12 exoplanets, including one that resembles Earth in many ways. So far, more than 2000 exoplanets existing outside the Solar System have been discovered.

Now there’s a possibility that every star in the night sky represents a distant planet. There’s an ever-increasing belief that Earth isn’t a one-of-a-kind planet in the galaxy. However, the exoplanets are different from the planets in the Solar System.

Kepler 425b is the latest exoplanet that shares similarities with Earth. The similarity is in its size and proximity to the sun. That means its atmosphere is not too hot or cold, which the UK satellite can help expound.

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There’s truly little information available at the moment about these distant planets. No one knows their atmosphere, density, mass, and distance to their respective suns. That’s why there’s a growing need for technology to help expound on these questions.

This is no little task since the distance of exoplanets is far, and most have been discovered almost accidentally. Once the UK space industry manages to launch rockets from the country, some answers may soon begin to appear.

The beam-hoping satellite is a project that will take the sector one step further in conquering space. Shedding a little light on the exoplanets can help researchers find out more information about the atmosphere.

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UK Space Telescope Could Help with Exoplanet Exploration

Back in 2020, UKSA gave the go-ahead for a UK rocket launch of a telescope to aid in exoplanets exploration. This was the first mission of its nature and would touch on over 1000 planets. The goal was to understand their environment and chemistry.

During this mission, the telescope would shed light on what the planets were made of, plus their formation and evolution processes.

The mission was the result of over 5 years of intense work done by a dedicated team. It encompassed 17 countries and 50 institutes dedicated to the space telescope known as Ariel.

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UKSA provided funding for the project similar to the beam-hoping satellite.

The telescope will share data after a British rocket launch delivers it to orbit. Anyone interested in space and the general public can access this data to help get a better understanding of life in the galaxy.

There’s the light that filters through the atmosphere of each exoplanet that can tell a lot about it. This light will make it possible to analyze such data as the planet passes its respective sun and shows different gas fingerprints.

So far, such information has revealed important information such as gases and water signatures in distant planets. The deep survey has also been possible on some planets showing cloud systems and seasons.

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UK Companies Collaborate to Develop Revolutionary Technology

Many UK-based companies work together to create innovative beam-hoping UK satellites. The satellite will be a great way of showcasing what a 5G network can do, plus its benefits to the planet.

The Minister for Science in the UK, Amanda Solloway, is a big advocate for the partnership and the possibility of space launches from the UK. Once functional, the UK satellite will play a role in exoplanets exploration as well.

Funding for the project was to the tune of 32 million pounds through the Sunrise program by the ESA. UKSA works in close collaboration with ESA and even contributes 9.9% of its annual budget.

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The UK satellite known as Joey-Sat will deliver beams on remote ability, thus boosting coverage in specific areas. This will work even on exoplanets as researchers see a better understanding of these distant lands.

Beam Hopping Technology to Aid in Further Exoplanet Atmosphere Explorationa - Beam-Hopping Technology to Aid in Further Exoplanet Atmosphere Exploration

In Summary

British satellites once in orbit will make it possible for researchers to gather lots of crucial information. The beam-hoping capabilities of Joey-Sat are a significant boost to this and the exploration of exoplanets.

So far, NASA has discovered 2000 exoplanets after a recent reveal of 12 more. It’s not easy to learn more about them, and most discoveries are purely by chance due to the distance.

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