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Basics of Digital Transformation

In India, there are many traditional businesses which are doing good offline and those business have never come up with digitalization of their processes. However, they are facing certain problems in regard to their existing processes and constantly trying to improve themselves. In this matter, Digital transformation helps on a large scale specially for non-digital and traditional enterprises.

Digital Transformation Meaning– Digital transformation is an experiment by using technologies in the processes and continuously adapting due to massive changes in technological advancement and customer requirements. In other words, It is a process to transform or perform existing and new services and activities by completely changing the operation and the management.

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Digital transformation helps in achieving ways to improve the end user experience which can be done by on requirement training and workshops, introducing more artificial intelligence, moving database on cloud services to decrease the hurdles of customer relationship management.

Importance of Digital Transformation- Due to coronavirus epidemic, most of the businesses are forced to stay online because it’s not allowed for the people to step out of the houses to avoid physical contacts. This epidemic totally changed the game of many industries and hence it becomes very important for a business to transform digitally and continuously evolve in the competitive market. The whole market has become customer-centric and therefore enterprises have to adapt and improve persistently to sustain their customers.

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Let’s dive into the benefits for better understanding-

  1. Reduction in labor costs and increment in productivity– This is one of the biggest advantages of going online because the transformation majorly focuses on becoming more efficient and effective which can be achieved through low costs.
  2. Improvement in customer sustainability– Many customers want to interact with multiple different sources like live chat, mobile application, email etc. And therefore, it can be improved by only adopting digital transformation. Technology loving customers are always looking to make their experience more pleasant and that’s why digital helps you sustain them.
  3. Competitive edge over others– It continuously forces you to become better than the others and due to this, you are always ahead of your competitors. Digital transformation gives you the edge to drive innovation and better ideas to make the customer’s experience more enduring.
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For more knowledge we can also look at the below examples of digital transformation-

  1. Healthcare sector– The virtual visits, patient’s portal and medicines are some examples of digital transformation which currently many healthcare organizations use. They allow the patients for online booking of appointment and conducting the online screening through webcams.
  2. Retail Industry– For past 5 years, e-commerce stores has drastically changed the entire scenario. Customer can easily reach the store through the apps and pushes the notification icon which helps to generate revenues with the online store.
  3. Insurance sector– This sector has also got benefitted out of digital transformation with fewer hurdles of customers claim. A customer can easily process for claims online by using the artificial intelligence technology.
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How to get started?

As an enterprise, first, it becomes very important for you to choose the strategy because only it will elaborate what exactly you are desiring to attain. Thus, creating a framework is most important to get to know what you are looking for. Only then you can design your key performance indicators.

A well-designed strategy will help you in understanding that how will the digital transformation affect your end customers, consumers and your employees and management. You can designate leaders who will support your transformation on a large level. Establishing change in leaders for announcing and supporting the transformation will help you generate the smooth way. Regularly trying to get feedback from people who are affected by the transformation will also help you in keeping the momentum going.

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And also, it is your responsibility to provide necessary tools to the employees to get them knowledgeable to become successful in what they do. These tools may include online training which can be used by the customers and employees as per their own comfort.

In addition to that, a small change due to transformation is also a part to achieve the milestone, and it should be celebrated and, hence you should celebrate to enjoy each small change.

In a nutshell, digital transformation should be adopted by the businesses as early as they can.

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