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Basics of an ACL Reconstruction.

ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament which is a ligament that provides stability for the knee joint. Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is a surgical procedure to repair an ACL rupture.

What are the symptoms of ACL reconstruction?

The symptoms of acl reconstruction singapore include: sudden pain, swelling and moderate instability of the knee joint. The pain can be felt during movement or even at rest. The pain can be felt on the medial or lateral side, or both. You may also experience pain during activity and activity may be stopped due to pain. You’ll also have a feeling of instability when you move your knee joint, especially when bending your knee.

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What are the causes of an ACL reconstruction?

A ligament tear can happen in any number of activities, such as playing basketball, skiing or soccer. One common cause is a traumatic event like getting hit on the knee or falling and landing awkwardly. Other common causes of acl reconstruction singapore are repetitive motion from intense training, overuse without proper rest and degeneration due to old age.

What type of anesthesia will be used for ACL reconstruction surgery?

The anesthesia may consist of spinal, epidural or local. The choice will be decided by the surgeon and other factors like your previous medical history and what you need the surgery to accomplish.

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What type of incision will be made for an ACL reconstruction?

A small incision may be made on the outside of your knee and extended along the lower part of your thigh. The incision may also extend along the inside of your knee. The incision will contain (anesthetic) infiltrated fluid to help reduce or eliminate any scarring.

What are the possible complications following an ACL reconstruction?

Stiffness, severe weakness and knee instability may occur if not repaired properly. If there is significant damage to your meniscus and cartilage, you will be in a major amount of pain once you get back to work after the surgery or can’t play sports anymore because of your injury.

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What medications will be used for knee health after an ACL Reconstruction?

The decision will be made by your surgeon and may include a steroid (exercise might need to be restricted), anti-inflammatory medications and/or painkillers. Ropivacaine (sold under the trade name Novec 1230) is a type of local anesthetic that can help you get through surgery painlessly. Ropivacaine contains no narcotic analgesics so it’s safe to take while recovering post-surgery.

What is the recovery time and lifestyle changes after undergoing ACL reconstruction?

Full recovery can take several months or even years depending on the severity of your condition and how well you follow your surgeon’s instructions. It may require a physical therapist, special exercises and bracing/splints for knee stability. The surgeon may also order a brace for ACL recovery after surgery. This type of brace will be worn for about four to six weeks to maintain knee alignment during recovery.

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These are the basics of an ACL Reconstruction. There are many other variables depending on your condition such as medical history, age, and the experience of your surgeon.

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