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All about Scholastic Aptitude test: The details

As per the college board, SAT scores contribute as a necessity for entering many competitive undergraduate courses in different countries. 2016 witnessed many transformations as per the exam and sat syllabus. The same is organized to test the students’ calibre and grip over the subjects such as Maths, English reading and writing aptitude. The skill and knowledge in the respective subjects are for a successful college academic year.

Testes topics as per the curriculum

  • Comprehensive reading and writing aptitude test as well as integrated grammar.
  • The creative writing part includes short stories, essay/paragraph writing, MCQs on the topic of error omissions and appropriate grammar rules application.
  • Mathematics, being an integral part of the syllabus includes basic mathematics in the form of probability, algebraic expressions, geometric concept, arithmetic calculations and statistics.
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Most students opt for the SAT aptitude as early as 10th, 11th or 12th standards. Most probably all the universities worldwide recognise the degree as a decisive factor of a students’ calibre.

About the exam time

The respective exam unlike any other competitive exam has a prolonged duration of 3 ¾ hours with a division of 10 sections.

  • The first one is the English creative writing that continues for 25 minutes. (1 section)
  • Second is mathematics, critical reading and writing for 25*6 minutes. (6 sections)
  • Then there is a 20- minutes section again for the same. (2 sections)
  • At last multiple-choice section for 20 minutes. (1 section)
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These are the total ten sections that form a part of the respective test.

Number of attempts and scores and redesigning

Students may attempt it at least two times to notice the excellence in the field but at times students may opt for multiple attempts though there is no proof of the change of scores. At times colleges may ask to disclose all the scores.

With a total of 2400 points distributed at a point scale of 200-800 and two sub scores of 20-80, the test is marked for the evaluated final tests as per the models before 2016.

But with the changes in the new SAT aptitude test a point scale of 2600 would be used for the assessment with an additional benefit of no negative markings, optional attempts for essays and limitations to the usage of calculators.

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Respective schedule on the same in India

With the gap, these tests are held 6 times a year in January, May, June, October, November and December. A max of three subjects can be attempted on a single day.

Registering essentials and test centres for the same

The students can enroll for the same by online means/platforms with the advancement of 4 weeks before the date of the exam. This advanced registration assists them to get the center as per their preferences. The charges as per Indian registration may be approximately 94.50$ with the cost of extra services being exclusive. The additional clause of a valid passport has been made mandatory.

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Final results

Normally the results are out on the online sites after 4-5 weeks after the completion of the test. The scores can be attached to the admission forms for sending to the respective college.


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